Tolulope D.

Common Entrance Math Tutor

Home tutor in Surulere Lagos State, Lagos

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I am enthusiastic and passionate about educating and assisting young minds prepare for and excel in their common entrance examination. Being an individual who basically breathes Mathematics, I am very confident in my abilities to help elementary school students move on to the secondary level of education.

During my one year experience as a private Math tutor, I have had opportunities of teaching a diverse group of students with unique learning patterns including visual learners who learn best by processing information using charts, graphs and images, auditory learners who prefer lectures and discussions, reading/writing learners who enjoy reading and writing assignments and kinesthetic learners who are hands-on experimental learners.

Having encountered different types of learners, I have been able to tailor my teaching technique to meet up with the diverse learning needs of my students. I actively treat past questions and coordinate exam simulations to give them a feel of what working under exam conditions is like which helps them improve their time management and analytic skills. I also employ a variety of enjoyable activities to keep my class fun and interesting.  

I constantly inspire and motivate my students to work harder and smarter towards their exam. This gives them the confidence to take their exams head-on. So far, I have produced five students who aced their common entrance exams and I look forward to your child boarding my success train. 



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I am a graduate of Civil and Environmental Engineering and I am passionate about imparting knowledge and nuturing academic exellence in people.

I have worked with children in the elementary level of education who have been determined to require some additional learning assistance in the areas of mathematics, elementary science and English Language. I have also worked with children preparing for the National Common Entrance Examination helping to dymistyfy difficult questions with interactive teaching techniques and materials, teaching them ways to tackle examination questions and simulating examination conditions that prepare them adequately for success. 

As a highly motivated and experienced tutor, I am confident in my ability to attain results that will exceed your expectations. I possess an execllent combination of patience, organisation and creativity required to tailor my teaching tecniques to the learning needs and patterns of individual students. I have been commended for my ability to produce desired positive results that help students stay on their educational track.

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  • B.Sc Civil Engineering

    Nov 2012 - Jan 2018

    University of Lagos


  • N/A

    May 2019 - May 2019


    I have not worked in an educational institution however, I have worked as a private tutor to students in elementary school where I taught mathematics, English Language, elementary and general studies and subjects required for the National Common Entrance Examination.

  • Content Creator

    Feb 2018 - Jul 2018

    FirstBank Nigeria Limited

    • Developing social media marketing strategies: I was responsible for providing cost effective social media marketing strategies that improve the company's visibility in the digital space. • Preparing and executing digital activation plans and budgets for events, online campaigns and giveaways: I prepared plans and researched prices for budget of activities, promotions and campaigns and advertisement of new products released by the company, as well as conduct a digital activation of live events. • Tracking progress and growth of the company’s social media pages: I was responsible for providing a monthly audit of the company's social media growth in terms of followers, promotions, likes and comments. • Building engaging social media content: I researched and also created interesting content ( in form of blog stories, images, video skits and copy-writing)for the company's social media platforms. • Collating monthly publishing calendar and scheduling social media posts : I was responsible for preparing a calendar which contained all the content to be uploaded on the company's social media platforms for each month. • Evaluating social media content effectiveness: I was able to sieve through content posted on the social media platforms of the organisation using the hootsuite analytics to determine contents that performed well and those that did not to determine audience persona and preferences. • Managing the company’s vendors and online partners: I was in charge of managing the duties of vendors and online influencers used to boost awareness of any company event, both before, during and after an event. • Perusing invoices and preparing payment documents of vendors: I was responsible for ensuring that payment documents and receipt tendered by vendors were suited the the company's standards. I was also responsible for processing payment of services rendered by these vendors.