Gabriel s.

Junior Secondary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Bwari, Abuja

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Seasoned Maths Teacher

I have been a Maths teacher for more than a decade.I have been able to understand the psychology of students which has given me the leverage to impart successfully and make my students to perform brilliantly in Maths. Maths is not a difficult subject, the first thing is to work on the psychology of every student and kill their phobia for it.

The second thing is to create a solid foundation for the student. Maths curriculum is developmental, so every topic must have been treated at the junior class; which will be built on at the senior class. So, building a solid foundation, is sine quanon to making good grades at the senior class.

For every Maths question, the solution is intertwined within it. If a student has a solid foundation, then, there is the need to tackle the challenge of proper interpretation of every question.  Let's take for example, the distance and time taken by a body are directly related to the average speed the body engages. This is the way Maths works. 

It is pertinent for students to understand in brief how most formulae are developed. This will allow them to internalize most formulae which will make their applications to be very easy. 

These and others strategies have made me one of the masters. And my students have been able to internalize the methods and strategies of making As in Maths.

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I graduated from Lagos State University, where I studied Sociology. I came out as the best in my class. I am an ICAN student and I am also running an MBA programme at National Open University.

I have been a teacher for over fifteen years and I have tutored students for various examinations. 

I have high level of aptitude and ability to blend different stategies and techniques to impart knowledge has singled me out as one of the best in this profession.

I have various students and after graduation from tertiary institutions, I remain their mentor.

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  • B.Sc Sociology/Anthropology

    Mar 1994 - Oct 1998

    Lagos State University


  • Principal

    Aug 2016 - Aug 2018

    Bezaleel International School

    mentoring and coordinating the activities of other teacher. Marking of lesson plans and notes.