Divine N.

WAEC Government Tutor

Home tutor in Uyo, Akwa Ibom

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Waec Government Tutor with years of Experience

With grey hair experience gathered over time, each strand serving as a building block, constructing my solid foundation in Government both as an armchair reader and keen researcher on all features of Government.

I have simultaneously engaged students in the past on Government and its characteristics both as a subject, discipline or a sub-system in the society, to which I have recorded massive achievement in not only imparting them with knowledge about the subject but also stimulating their interest, for when one is genuinely interested in something the mind naturally opens up to assimilate more.

I can hypothetically say that my influence goes beyond the subject context, as it extends to social features associated with the subject. Helping to open the mind of my students to the fact that Government goes beyond paper, but a life reflection of any individual residing in a state and at such its importance cannot be overemphasized!

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I am a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Nigeria.

I have 1year teaching experience in the areas of Literature in English, English language and Government. I reside in uyo, where am currently serving as a corps member.

The social skills acquired from my discipline has helped me to blend the art of tutoring, putting into cognition the social attributes that precedes effective impact of knowledge. As tutoring goes beyond verbal utterances of acquired knowledge.


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  • B.Sc Sociology/Anthropology

    Oct 2014 - Aug 2018

    University of Nigeria Nsukka


  • English Teacher

    Sep 2018 - Jan 2019

    Chrisland Academy

    Taught the basic fundamental skills in English language, Also taught literature. Combining the both simultaneously I took students on topics like Easy writing, Grammar, Grammatical functions, Stress, Comprehension (Senior waec standard), Letter writing, figures of speech (Identification and it's usage),prose, poetry and drama analysis (senior Waec standard),e.t.c.