James K.

Senior Secondary School Agric Tutor

Home tutor in Eti Osa, Lagos

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"A versatile Agricultural Science tutor with a good number of work experience and always raising sound students in the subject area".

Agricultural science as a subject of discipline has been an area of interest to me and I do same making my students to love it both in theory and practice. 

Having taught this for years, I am pleased to emphasize here that my students from any school I been to, always preferred this subjects over others and hitherto wish it should be regarded as a compulsory subjects, just as we have English language and mathematics .

I always insist and ensure taking my students through different agricultural  process so that they could not only memorize any definition of a set topic nor it's terms without having the practical understanding of what that term or topic mean, this is highly possible through regular carrying out of field work investigation for students to have the ideal and mental capture of class room discussions.

I have overtime produced a good number of students who were able to achieve higher results score in agricultural, through their WAEC and Jamb exams. 


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I'm graduate of Geography from University of Maiduguri.

I have taught in different schools such as Alpha model secondary school, Excellent bright future,, Elshadai secondary school amongst others .

I'm passionate about teaching and so far had three years work experience in the profession .

I have over years groom students in my field of study who hitherto have been standing high in taking part as regards the participation in to varying degrees of competition amongst students of different schools. They also do come out colourfully in their external exams eg WAEC,NECO,NAPTEC amongst others. 

Though I am a B.Sc  holder,  but have attended different workshops and classes about  teaching as a profession, these enable me to stand the test of time wherever and whenever teaching is concern. 

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  • B.Sc Geography

    Aug 2012 - Sep 2016

    University of Maiduguri


  • Class teacher

    May 2017 - Apr 2018

    Alpha model secondary school. Delta state

    As came on board as a class teacher with Alpha model secondary school within an approximate period of one year. Within this time frame, I discovered that those students were seriously lacking behind in the subject hence, I will decided to embark on a vigorous work activity by reaching out to the Dean of the school to add and creates more lessons for me ranging from SS 2 -SS 3 . These idea go a very long way to drastically changed the morale of students towards this subjects. Like the SS 3 classes most students because of their previous backgrounds, refused to register it in their WAEC but with my arrival they took interest in the subjects and about 95 percent pass out with flying colors.