Prinscilla I.

Senior Secondary School Commerce Tutor

Home tutor in Surulere Lagos State, Lagos

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Senior Secondary School Commercial Tutor

I developed the habit of imparting knowledge to students and ensuring they attain success when I noticed the passion and joy in me each time I teach my younger ones.

Due to my level of competence in commerce, the SS2 students of the school I teach write external exams before getting to SS3 and they often have a high success rate in commerce. In essence, greater results as well as confidence in the students are achieved.

My style of teaching is so unique because I discovered one of the ways in which a student can learn is when he or she is in a good state of mind. This is the reason why I love teaching between two to three hours, so the student can understand and meditate on  what he or she is taught .

The best way to ensure Success for younger generations is to provide a tutor to monitor their academic performances as well as making sure they understand the system of hard work in what they do.




I graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in  Bsc. Economics as well as a qualified Chartered Accountant. 

 I have a year experience in teaching. This was during my National Youth service corp (NYSC) programmed when I taught in the high school, SS1 and SS2 (Account,Commerce and Economics) to be precise.

More so, I realized my passion for teaching and impacting knowledge is a gift which I believe would be beneficial to the society. This I discovered during my NYSC programme, because the greatest investment  is the  knowledge impacted on younger generations.

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  • B.Sc Economics

    Nov 2012 - Dec 2015

    University of Ibadan

  • Accountancy

    May 2013 - Nov 2018

    AAT, ACA(in view)


  • Teacher

    Apr 2016 - May 2017

    Wisdom of High school

    I taught the senior secondary school students (SS1 and SS2). Setting up quiz and examination questions. Compilation of student examination results.