Adeola S.

Upper Primary English Tutor

Home tutor in Ikorodu, Lagos

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Upper Primary Competent Tutor

Am proficient in making learners understand what they needed to, using simple techniques that will aid the explanation process.

To make my teachings more effective, I make use of familiar object, subject, situations and senerio to explain difficulty in the text of study. This as proven to be quite effective as it give learners the opportunity to equate something they already know to text they are finding difficult to understand, thereby making the difficulty in the text less difficult or not difficult at all.

I have been able to use and master this comparison analysis techniques  during my stay in the institution, where I have been able to impact knowledge to class course mate, junior course mate and other departmental student who takes calculation courses such as mathematics, statistics, Accounting... by offering them one on one tutoring and general tutoring when exams is appprocing.

I will love to work with you if you will have me. Thanks


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I am a fresh graduated with distinction from Yaba College Of Technology. Studied Marketing as a decipline.

Most of my private tutoring experience came from my time in the institution, where I give one on one tutors to course mate, Juniors and other management department student who takes Math, Accounting, statistics... as a course. I also organize general class during exams for my course mate.

I am proficient in tutoring because of my ability to use familiar object to give detailed explanations to my student. This as made me quite effective in tutoring both young and old. 


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  • HND Marketing

    Apr 2017 - Dec 2018

    Yaba College of Technology. Lagos


  • Sales Assistant

    Jun 2016 - Jul 2017


    My responsibilities at biblewonderland are to; Respond to customers request on the shop floor. Take and respond to customers needs via phone line. Manage and secure goods both on the shop floor and in the store. Attend periodic sales outtings, such as trade-fairs and exhibitions.