Bello B.

British Pre-Primary & Lower Primary General Tutor

Home tutor in Municipal Area Council, Abuja

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British Pre- primary and lower Primary General Tutor with Three years experience

As a lower class tutor, I teach with so much passion and zeal, as I know that the basis of the child's education starts from now and will gradually be built upon. In the previous experience I have had with teaching pupils in this age range, I have critically studied the child's subject strengths and weaknesses, concentrating more on their weak subjects so as to help them get better and using their areas of strength as an encouragement.

I give myself a time range to analyze my teaching success rate so as to be sure the method used in teaching the student is effective enough or might needs to be checked. For me, teaching is a passion and I have successfully seen those I tutored get better by the day and continually be the best they can in their little capacity. It gladdens my heart to notice the spark of interest in a child's eye and the zeal to want to know more, it shows I am progressing .


I am a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. I also hold a professional Diploma in Education, from Federal College of Education Katsina, Katsina State also a certified member of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). 

Teaching has and will be a passion for me as have taught both privately and in schools various stages of students for examinations in different age range. But I don't just teach to pass examinations I often try me best possible to make them enjoy learning so as to apply whatever they have been taught in practicality and in the future as knowledge is continuous and interwined. 

Teaching for me is a lifestyle

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  • B.Sc Biochemistry

    Oct 2011 - Oct 2015

    University of Ilorin


  • Class teacher

    Oct 2015 - Oct 2016

    Katsina Diocesan School, Katsina State

    I was responsibility for primary Four class, I took them basic subjects such as Mathematics, Quantitative reasoning, Basic Science and Physical Health. This was during my services year. The following we're my work schedules: 1. Write out lesson plans for each subject I am responsible for 2. Develop the lesson plans into lesson notes, writing them in steps 3. Divide the lesson notes to be taught by lesson periods 4. Marking and taking records of students assignments 5. Ensuring promptness and attendance 6. Counselling and talking with any student I noticed might be disturbed or distracted.

  • Store Supervisor

    Jan 2018 - May 2019

    Miniso Lifestyle Nigeria Limited

    The following are my roles as store Supervisor for Miniso Lifestyle Nigeria : 1. Preparing store staff schedule 2. Sales analysis 3. Customer Engagement and customer service 4. Display proportional analysis 5. Ensuring staff carry out there needed tasks