Muogbo I.

Upper Primary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Mushin, Lagos

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Upper Primary Math Tutor. Impacting students with an high craving for excellence.

My keen interest for teaching have led me to accept students with low academic performance. This is because I believe that every Child under the right tutelage can become a genius. My major strengths has been patience, consistency and motivation (and of course the God factor).

Over the years, I have seen my students rise from mediocre to high class academicians and mathematicians. Maths has been a huge challenge for many, and I believe that this challenge should be addressed as early as now. Maths is not as difficult as many make it look.

A consistent and diligent learner would actually find it intriguing. From experience I have discovered the magical results the use of symbols brings when explaining maths to students at the upper primary level. I have learnt to perfectly synchronize this into my teaching. This is why my time with my students is always a wonderful experience. I am an upper primary maths tutor and I have the interest of your child as priority.


I am a Second Class Upper Economics Graduate of the University of Nigeria. I believe that every Child under the right tutelage can be transformed into a genius. I have a calm, patient and highly disciplined approach toward teaching and I leave my students with an high taste for excellence.

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  • B.Sc Economics

    Jan 2014 - Dec 2017

    University of Nigeria


  • Finance Officer

    Jul 2018 - Present

    Mukol Fabrics Limited

    Proper Recording of all sales activities Proper recording of cash inflows and outflows Assist in budget preparation Evaluation, analysis and forecasting.