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Junior Secondary Math Tutor

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Junior Secondary Math Tutor with A's as an ex-student

During my Junior Secondary School education, Mathematics was my best subject right from my JSS 1 to my JSS 3, it was a subject I was in love with. Teaching my colleagues was my first experience of tutoring Junior Secondary Math. I always made sure to teach them starting from the basics to ensure they properly understood, (especially for those who did not have a good background in their primary education, during my JSS 1). Through my assistance by way of tutoring them, they were able to pass the class tests and exams.

I organized tutorial for Engineering drawing to my collegues as an undergraduate in the university. First for my colleagues during our 200 level and at the end of the semester most of the people I tutored made A's and B's in the course. Also during my 400 level, I organized another tutorial in the same Engineering drawing for some students who were in their 200 level and offering the course. At the end they made A's and B's and the Mechanical Engineering students amongst them had a basic knowledge they needed for their 300 level Machine drawing course. I know this experience and achievement is in a different subject, but it was possible for two basic reasons; I was good in the course and I was a good teacher, these two made me a good tutor. Same conditions applies here, I am good in Junior Secondary Math and I am a good teacher, that makes me a good tutor for Junior Secondary Math.

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I am a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun, Delta State.

One of the reasons why I studied Chemical Engineering is because of my strength in Mathematics and love for Mathematics, as it is a major prerequisite for someone to venture into the study of any field of engineering, it was my best subject in my primary and secondary education. It was not just my best but one I enjoyed tutoring friends and colleagues when they needed my help during my primary and secondary education, for everyone I tutored I made sure that they understood starting from the basic concept. My performance during my SSS1 qualified me to join the school COWBELL competition team, it is a subject area I pride myself in. 

Another subject area I pride myself in is Technical Drawing, during my University days I organised free tutorials and tutored students who ended up with As in the course.

When it comes to tutoring, one of my great strengths is patience with whomever I am tutoring.

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  • B.ENG Chemical Engineering

    Nov 2012 - Nov 2018

    Federal University of Petroleum Resources


  • Industrial Trainee - Process Engineer

    Aug 2016 - Nov 2016

    Dangote Cement Plc Obajana Plant

     Conducted equipment inspection on line 4 raw mill during a shot down maintenance with my supervisor.  Inspection of raw material flow line from raw material storage to the raw mill.  Supervised a ground floor cleaning of cement kiln line 1 by casual workers, under my supervisor.  Carried out Tertiary Air Duct (TAD) outer diameter temperature measurement using an infra-red hand pyrometer, for 7 days with record keeping of the data in the Central Control Room (CCR).  Carried out the temperature measurement at some strategic positions along the cement kiln line 1 with one of the field engineers, for the purpose of energy balance calculations.  Carried out drop test (weigh feeder calibration) on cement mill line 1 and 2 with my supervising engineer.  Supervised the physical cement mill silo level measurement on line 1 and 2 carried out by a pat-roller on duty, the result was compared by that brought by the level measurement instrumentation device.  Supervised clinker export from cement mill line 1 clinker silo.

  • NYSC - Data Analyst/Call Center Agent

    May 2018 - Mar 2019

    Hafmani Nigeria Limited Ikeja.

     Analyse data uploaded on the company’s database by the field workers.  Monitor the quality of data uploaded by the field workers to ensure it meets standards.  Maintain constant communication with the field workers and their supervisors to ensure the uploading of quality data.  Receive incoming calls from customers to fill in their information in the database in situations where the field workers could not get the complete data due to their unavailability.

  • Contact Center Agent

    Sep 2019 - Present

    Access Bank Plc, Nigeria.

    • Handling large volumes of inbound and outbound calls with customers from different parts of the world. • Proper logging of all interactions with customers and carrying out regular follow-ups on issues to ensure customer satisfaction • Provision of accurate troubleshooting methods to the customers. • Constant interaction with other bank units and branches to ensure customer requests and complaints are resolved promptly • Working with other team members to effectively deliver on KPIs.