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Junior Secondary Math Tutor with 12 years experience and a very high success record.

I have been a tutor of Junior Secondary Mathematics since I passed my WAEC in 2006. I have over 12 years of teaching experience in this subject area. I have assisted a lot of young students to gain solid grounds in mathematics by showing them easy steps to solve difficult problems. 

One of the major reasons why students struggle in mathematics is as a result of poor foundation so I try to show students the basic steps by pointing out key areas that are essential for students to succeed in mathematics. I have prepared a lot of students for internal and external examinations with a very high success rate.

It is very important for students to have a good foundation in mathematics at the early stages of their academic life as it will give them an edge over their peers and keep them well placed to achieve success as they go higher.

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I am a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State.

I have 3 years of class room and private class teaching experience in the areas of Mathematics, Physics and guidance and counseling. I have taught in Bauchi State where I served and Bayelsa State my state of origin successfully for the past 3 years and I now bring my wealth of knowledge and experience to Lagos State where I now reside.

I am a strong believer of achieving success through hard work as I am a living example. I try to establish the foundation for all my students to believe in their ability to pass all exams on their own. I have built a reputation that places me as a good role model for students even after my time with them.

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  • B.ENG Mechanical Engineering

    Nov 2010 - Jan 2016

    Niger Delta University


  • Mathematics and Physics Teacher

    Apr 2016 - Jul 2018

    Command Day Secondary School.

    As a mathematics teacher, I was assigned to SSS1 where I taught the students effectively by completing my scheme of work timely and professionally. My students recorded a very high success rate at my examinations as students developed interest in mathematics due to the way I simplified the methods of solving difficult problems. As a Physics teacher, I was assigned to SSS1 and SSS2 where I taught the students effectively and professionally. I was able to build a good teacher - student relationship which created an enabling environment for the students to open their hearts to learning the fundamentals of Physics and gradually grow to both understanding the theoretical and practical areas of Physics. My students recorded a high success rate at the end of my examinations.

  • Vice Principal Administration, Mathematics and Physics Teacher.

    Aug 2018 - Mar 2019

    JATO Comprehensive College.

    I achieved remarkable success at the area of helping the students to understand the basic rules of solving mathematics problems and the fundamentals of Physics as well as preparing them for both internal and external competitions where we won some laurels. I motivated the students to give their best in my subjects by laying down a solid foundation for them to thrive and as time went on I noticed healthy competition amongst the students of my classes fighting hard and actually matching the standards of the top students after I took out time to explain the concepts of academic success to all my students. I won admiration and respect from my students due to the level at which I handled my subjects effectively thereby building their belief that success can be achieved in all areas through diligence and determination. As the Vice Principal Administration, I rendered assistance to the Principal in the day to day running of the school by carrying out all tasks that were assigned to me both effectively and professionally. As a mathematics teacher, I was assigned to teaching JSS1 and JSS2 classes where I taught the students effectively and completed my scheme of work timely and professionally by teaching, demonstrating, solving problems, asking questions and answering questions. I built confidence into the minds of my students which helped them to perform above their previous results in my subject. As a Physics teacher, I was assigned to teaching SSS1, SSS2 and SSS3. I thought the students on both theoretical and practical areas of Physics. I organized a lot of tutorials to help them solve a lot of problems in preparation for internal and external examinations. My students recorded remarkable improvements in physics during my time with them. I completed my scheme of work effectively and professionally. I was also able to build a good teacher - student relationship which made my work easier because it brought out the best from my students.