Yewande O.

Junior Secondary Science Tutor

Home tutor in Ibadan North, Oyo

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Junior Secondary Science Tutor

I am particularly interested in seeing to the need of younger generation, to know they can achieve anything. All they need is determination and hardwork. I have worked with quite a number of lecturers in research especially in the public health sector enabling my interactions with children. These includes researches on both health issues and those addressing education, how to improve education and empowerment of the younger generation.

I have not worked in the formal setting as a school teacher but I can assure you from past experiences in my field, I will help ensure your child gets the best and quality tutorials and training. Training also includes skills that can serve as a form of empowerment to the children such that they are responsible and accountable on how they can make and manage money which would in turn help them later in the future as regards how well they manage and handle finances.


I am a graduate of Zoology with parasitology as my area of interest and masters in Public health. My passion for younger generation is one of my driving force. As I love to make them see that their dreams are acheivable.

I have carried out studies dealing with both children and young adults (students). Hence, I know how to deal with and treat students.

My areas of interest include; biology, agricultural science, english for secondary level, verbal and quantitative reasoning, spelling bees for primary level

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  • B.Sc Zoology

    Aug 2011 - Dec 2015

    University of Ibadan