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A WAEC Maths tutor with over 2 years of experience and with a track record of excellence in over 40 students performances up till date, a Maths tutor with a difference

Imparting the knowledge of WAEC Mathematics has always been my passion in the two schools that I've taught in so far (Royal Touch Schools and Al-madeenah College) therefore yielding academic excellence in the process.

The first task I carried out towards achieving the above-mentioned high level of excellence was to know each and every one of my students in and out and I achieved this by ensuring that their learning conditions are adequate both inside and outside the classroom, I also ensured that their learning conditions are adequate mentally.

After preparing my students' minds for the subject I then proceeded with teaching proper, using the most conducive and apprehensive teaching techniques, I achieved this by solving, simplifying and explaining mathematical terms on the board to my students, ensuring that they pay maximum attention in the process, this was followed by a series of class-works and take-home assignment so as to further enhance their mastery of the subject.

In less than 3 months after extensive teaching commenced, there was a rapid turn-around for excellence in the performance of my students and this made them to develop a burning passion/likeness for mathematics.

Patronize my effective teaching methods and get nothing but the best,a trial will surely convince you, looking forward to preparing your wards for  WAEC mathematics,thanks.


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                    I'm a bonafide graduate of Land Management and Soil Science from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. 

                   I also happen to be a fresh graduate, I taught mathematics and sciences extensively during my youth service year at Al-madeenah College, Oyo state and I can boast of impacting and improving my students performances in mathematics and sciences,stirring up their love for these subjects in the process.

                  My passion for imparting knowledge in mathematics and sciences remains my strength in order to stir up my students passion and interest in these subjects even after the completion of my youth service year. 


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  • B.Sc Soil Science

    Sep 2011 - Jul 2016

    Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta


  • Mathematics teacher

    Sep 2016 - May 2018

    Royal Touch Schools, 22road, 'F' close, Festac town, Lagos

    During my short teaching experience at Royal Touch Schools, I was able to stir up my students passion and interest in mathematics, I made them fall in love with mathematics which they initially hated before my arrival. I was able to achieve this success by my unrelentless and tiredless efforts in simplifying tough mathematical terms for my students,making those terms look easy in the process.I also ensured consistency in learning by enforcing a couple of classworks and take home assignments on my students,curbing their playfulness in the process thereby enhancing their seriousness which in turn brought about academic excellence in their mathematics during my stay as their tutor.