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Common Entrance Math Tutor

The mathematics common entrance scope is a cumulative of all  mathematics and quantitative reasoning topics that students have been taught throughout their elementary or primary school journey. It is a summation of different topics such as 12-hour and 24-hour clock time calculation, ratio & proportions, percentage, simple interest, geometry, roman numerals ,algebra, decimals , fractions, numeration, number lines, BODMAS, factors and multiples, multiplication table, etc. This subject is a preparatory subject for the common entrance exam, and as it is in every exam, time management is very important.The student will not only be taught to give understanding of a topic, but will also be taught how to solve problems on time. Time management is very essential. I will make use of modern techniques to make problem solving fast and effective for the student. I will assess the student's level of understanding of mathematics and investigate methods of teaching which the student responds positively to, the most. I will also correct some common but wrong techniques used by teachers.

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I am a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Akure , Ondo state.

I have experience as a private tutor in basic Primary and Junior secondary school subjects. 

I believe that every child is different - concentration level, assimilation rate,previous educational background, interest and I closely evaluate these facors in providing the best tutorials fitted specifically for each child. I also find a balance between conventional  and newer  teaching methods suitable for children. I collect a lot of  feedback from the student to understand their background on each subject; the teaching techniques and pace they respond to best 

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  • B.ENG Mechanical Engineering

    Jan 2014 - Nov 2018

    Federal University of Technology, Akure