Emmanuel B.

Senior Secondary School Commerce Tutor

Home tutor in Municipal Area Council, Abuja

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A good commerce teacher with experience in teaching for not less than 2years0

I am a good commerce teacher with at least 3 years of experience. I love to teach and impart in my pupils academically and also morally. I believe commerce is relative to economics because of the similarities both in the for of trade, production, manufacturing etc. I love to teach commerce due to its simplicity and clarity in understanding every aspect of the each topic.

I believe each topic is intertwined which makes it more detailed. Logical reason can be used in commerce since most of its activities are centered around buying and selling both locally and internationally which gives a clear idea about the bilateral trading activities with other countries and a more acceptable way of doing things. Commerce is a very interesting subject to read and understand. Most of the students I taught commerce made distinction in their WAEC which makes me have more confidence to want to help tutor the young preparing for their examinations.I believe with all these said I will be considered for a tutoring position .


I am a graduate of economics and a masters holder in finance from kogi state university and Babcock university respectively.

I have 4 years experience as a private tutor and my area of interest are mostly, economics, mathematics, accounting and commerce including geography.

I have been able to tutor over 10 pupils. My skill of imparting not only academically but also morally. 

Thanks and i will be pleased if I am considered.

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  • M.Sc Banking and Finance

    Sep 2015 - Jun 2017

    Babcock University

  • B.Sc Economics

    Sep 2004 - Oct 2008

    Kogi State University