Faith I.

Upper Primary English Tutor

Home tutor in Owan West, Edo

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Upper Primary English Tutor with over 5years experience and straight A's students


Assessment; Before working with a new pupil, I usually preform a skills assessment. This may involve a formal testing process provided along with the curriculum materials being used, or a more informal process. For example, I may have the student read passages, write a few paragraphs, or in the case of English as a second language, pupils speak with the tutor. The assessment helps me plan lessons that fits the pupil's needs. Throughout the tutoring process, I may plan additional assessments to track process.

Writing and grammar; Writing skills are a key to effective communication. Depending on the pupil's needs, prompting pupils to write compositions or essays -- or simply teaching the basics of sentence composition -- are major parts of my duties. Since the English language can be particularly difficult to master -- especially for pupils whose first language is not English -- I  may spend a great deal of time teaching proper grammar.

Reading; I also help pupils to polish their reading skills. This can include helping pupils fully comprehend the content of written passages, or having pupils read aloud to help with oral communication skills. 

Speaking; English as a second language students may come to a tutor simply to have someone with whom they can practice their speaking skills. Some students usually live in communities in which they don't interact with other English speakers -- or they're reticent about using their limited English in other social or work situations. When that's the case, my duties may is to converse with the student, and to correct him when he makes grammatical or pronunciation mistakes.

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I am a graduate of banking and finance from the University of Benin. I'm also currently running a masters degree in finance at University of Benin.

I have over 4 years of experience in tutoring pupils and students in subjects such as mathematics, English Language, Economics, Commerce, Accounting, Intergrated science and all primary school subjects.

My motherly approach towards my students has made them comfortable and interested in learning  which has led to better academic performance during examinations and also instilling Godly morals in them.

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  • M.Sc Banking and Finance

    Sep 2017 - Present

    University of Benin


  • Class Teacher

    Jan 2011 - Oct 2012

    Unisac Comprehensive College

    I taught primary 4 classes to primary 6. The subjects I taught includes; Mathematics English Language Business studies Civic education Intergated science

  • Class teacher

    Aug 2010 - Dec 2011

    Passmark Education Centre

    Teaching primary 1 to 6 pupils all subjects in the curriculum for primary schools.