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My name is Lekan, I have a diploma in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Federal College of Education Akoka. I also have a B.Sc(Ed) in Mathematics from the University of Lagos and a Master's degree MSc(Statistics) in view. 

 I have been teaching Secondary School Students Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Statistics for five years (5) now and have successfully prepared my students for both Local and International Examinations like WAEC, NECO, JAMB, IGCSE, SAT and GMAT.

I believe that students of all abilities can benefit from teaching tailored specifically to meet their needs. For some students the main priority will be imminent exams, with a focus on receiving a specific grade, while for others teaching is a means through which they unlock their full potential and natural curiosity for a subject. I am proud to be able to cater to both types and all in between, tailoring my teaching accordingly. 

My teaching is therefore not just about scrupulous question-and-answer practice - my students benefit greatly from the time and stress management techniques that I developed while at school, and these can be just as, if not more effective at improving grades.

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  • B.Sc Education

    Jan 2013 - Nov 2016

    University of Lagos

  • B.Tech Computer Science and Mathematics

    Jan 2008 - Nov 2012

    Federal College of Education. Akoka.


  • Teacher

    Jan 2010 - Dec 2013

    Vinestar College

    I taught Mathematics, Further Maths and Computer Science. I also helped to prepare students for various External Examinations.

  • Experienced Statistics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics Tutor

    Mar 2017 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    I am calm, patient and enthusiastic about the subjects I teach. I will always be teaching with the view that learning is an end in itself; many topics can be very interesting / amazing and I will always try and communicate this to the student. For any extension work, finding areas that resonate with the student is especially important, as if they can convey enthusiasm to an interviewer, this can work in their favour regarding university offers. Approaching exam time, I become extremely exam-focused. I feel it is important not to view exams as just a 'knowledge competition'. So, after a 'content learning phase', I will then focus heavily on exam technique, which involves looking at past papers and mark schemes and realising where the marks lie, what key-words are needed etc. I also make use of good text books and favour using colours and consistent page formatting/layout in any revision note-making, as this helps memory formation. It is necessary to examine revision methods to maximise efficiency and effectiveness; it is about finding a balance between learning the content thoroughly whilst still moving fast enough to cover everything in time for the exam.