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Prepclass Tutor Since: February 2017

My name is Maxwell, I am a graduate of English and Literary Studies from the University of Port harcourt.

In my two (2) years of teaching English Language and Literature in English, I have really learned what it means to find your passion. I have successfully prepared students for IGCSE, SAT, IELTS and JAMB.

Because every student, even the smartest and brightest, needs help sometimes, I offer my experiences and advice whenever possible. My strongest asset has always been my personalized advice and empathy towards my students. This allows me to find the best approach to learning that works for them.

when I teach, I always try to understand how a student thinks and comprehends a subject, and work with them to better their understanding and fill in any gaps in their comprehension of the subject.

I really love translating difficult information into simpler analogies, and I love infusing creativity in my approach to teaching.

I do not only make my students comprehend the curriculum, but i also help them form better studying habits and take better notes.

  • English Teacher: SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, WAEC and JAMB
    Apr 2016 - Present

    The 16plus School

    Worked as an SAT teacher, after which I was promoted to an assistant IGCSE teacher. During this time, I developed an eclectic style of teacher which suits each students according to their needs and intellectual capacity. I also recorded high performance from my students in their SAT, IELTS and JAMB exams

  • English and Literature Teacher
    Feb 2015 - Oct 2015

    Success Comprehensive Secondary School

    Worked here as an English teacher and it was at this stage that I developed most of my teaching skills. I also organised a spelling bee competition with the assistance of some member of staff.

  • Professional English language, Literature in English and IELTS Tutor
    Feb 2017 - Present

    Professional Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    As a teacher, the first role i play is that of the classroom manager because good organization is a key factor in planning the syllabus. I also act as a resource by helping the students if necessary. To increase the effectiveness of learning, i sometimes act with the students on the same level as a participant. Thereby gaining an insight to the way students develop. I then analyze the way of teaching, observe what is going on in the classroom and investigate the ways students learn,with the aim to either maintain or modify my method of teaching.

  • BA English and Literary Studies
    Jan 2011 - Apr 2015

    University of Port Harcourt