Adedeji O.

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Experienced Science Tutor

Because of the large amount of information students receive in a short period of time, it is hard for students to create a genuine understanding and/or strategies to tackle new problems in science. That is why it is not unusual for students to seek extra help from a private tutor. My first aim as a tutor is to help the student to discern the line of reasoning behind all these information, and to see the mental building he/she is expected to see and to inhabitant. At this point, the student naturally will have the root confidence in answering any question and solving any problem, in principle. What is left is just a matter of exercising and practicing so the student moves up to the stem confidence.

From a practical point of view, my approach varies depending on the student’s needs. I start from topics the student is comfortable with and gradually move towards more complex areas.

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Prepclass Tutor Since: December 2016

My name is Adedeji, I am graduate of Microbiology from Yaba College of Technology and I presently run a Degree program at Bells University of Technology in Microbiology.

I have two (2) years worth of teaching experience, teaching Primary School Students Mathematics and Science with a 100% success rate in their examinations.

My approach varies depending on the child I am teaching. However what unifies it across the range of ages and abilities is that I always try to break down what seem like huge, daunting subjects or assignments into smaller, manageable fun task.

My method of teaching varies with each pupil I work with. However, in the first stages I believe it is essential to ascertain the immediate needs of the pupil, and discover where they think my help is most required. Once established, I encourage them to be as honest as possible throughout the teaching process by meeting them on their level, supporting an atmosphere of vocal and written exploration, and above all, inspiring them to learn and be confident in their learning.

I prefer active learning rather than lecturing students, for example, getting them to teach me work they have just learnt or playing games to assist with learning strategies. I believe this helps the student's learning, and I tailor these practices to the pupil, their needs and their abilities.

  • Class Teacher
    Mar 2018 - Present

    Holy Blessing School

    I teach pupils and impart knowledge in them.

  • Passionate Mathematics and Science Tutor
    Dec 2016 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    As a teacher, I base my teaching approach on engaging my Students because students learn more quickly and energetically if they are interested in the topic or subject. Therefore I assess each student not only on their academic abilities but also their motivations and personality and adapt my lessons accordingly. This drives my students to learn during our time together and long after our lessons have finished. I plan individual lessons and programmes of study with clear short and long-term objectives. With these my students and I can track and celebrate our progress as we go as well as identifying any areas that need extra work. This approach produces clear academic results and demystifies challenging subjects and skills.

  • HND Microbiology
    Feb 2005 - Oct 2010

    Yaba College of Technology. Lagos

  • B.Sc Microbiology
    Feb 2017 - Present

    Bells University of Technology