About Prepclass

About Prepclass

PrepClass is an indigenous EdTech company in Nigeria established in 2014 that operates across Africa. We provide learning and academic alternatives and offer a tailored learning program both physically and online. As an educational technology business, our primary focus is linking learners with qualified tutors. Our goal is to break the formal education norm by offering -to our clients- tutors, who can effectively communicate and impact our clients/learners with what they want to have knowledge of.

We have conducted over 200,000 hours of tutoring both online and offline, in addition, we have through our tutoring and our test prep app worked with more than 30,000 students since inception.

Prepclass has won several local and international awards and also garnered significant attention from the media, however, our biggest accomplishment is seeing our learner’s achieve and supersede the goals they set for themselves before they enrolled in our tutoring.

Founders Profile

Obanor Chukwuwezam is a half of the dynamic duo that founded Prepclass NG. He is also the current CEO of PrepClass Nigeria Limited, an Edtech company that connect clients with professionally qualified tutors.

He is a Google certified educator, a fellow of the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship. He was mentioned by Forbes Africa as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Africa and has received multiple local and international awards and recognitions.

Our Approach to Learning:

In a modernized world such as ours, the significance of Education cannot be overemphasized hence, the need to invest as much as we can into it. Here at PrepClass, we believe that nothing is too much a price to pay in order to see that one is well furnished with knowledge. Therefore, through our various tutorial packages and teaching procedures, we strive to:

⦿ Make learning sessions very interactive and engaging in order to ensure the learners are highly impacted.

⦿ Ensure our tutors have a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the learner, which serves as a guide to the flow of sessions.

⦿ We also ensure that there is a very clear way to track the learner's performance and we report the progress made by the learner to the parent/client.

Our Tutorial Package:

In previous years, the medium of class delivery was entirely physical but with the situation of COVID-19, we have included online class delivery to ensure the safety of our clients and tutors. As a result, our contemporary tutoring service can be grouped into 2 categories:

⦿ Online Tutoring
⦿ Offline Tutoring

-- Online Tutoring

For our online tutoring services, we have the 1-on-1 class and the group class.

1-on-1 class: This class comprises of the tutor and just one (1) learner.

Group class: This class comprises of the tutor with more than two (2) learners. We have a variety of them such as:
⦿ Nursery class
⦿ Lower Primary class
⦿ Upper Primary class
⦿ Common Entrance class
⦿ Junior Secondary class
⦿ Senior Secondary class
⦿ WAEC preparatory classes

-- Offline Tutoring

The offline tutoring services refer to our regular physical tutoring services. We still offer physical classes but this is strictly based on client request.

We manage nearly every range of exams:

Our tutors have the capacity to academically equip learners with the capacity to excel. We have tutors who can prepare students for various tests ranging from the National Common Entrance exams to SSCE, WAEC, JAMB, GCE, NECO, SSAT, IGCSE, SAT, GMAT / GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, ACCA, ICAN, and many more. For whatever reasons the learner may need to involve a tutor, we have ensured that the selected tutor for that learner has an intense knowledge of the necessary curriculum as well as concentrating on significant areas of need to enable ideal comprehension before starting the exam.

We also offer ability teaching programs:

At PrepClass we are not just about academics. We have specialists in various non-academic areas. You can learn languages, various musical instruments, abilities in make-up, culinary abilities, abilities in bead making and many more. Our intention is to take you from Learner to expert in no moment, so whatever it is the learner wants to learn, PrepClass will be the best bet!

The Prep-Test App:

We have also created an app called ′Prep-Test', which was developed to provide a platform for tutors to upload materials they have produced as text, picture and audio-visual. Learners can download the app available in the Google Play Store for Android, sign up by registering, and use the material given for learning and studying. For learners across Nigeria and Africa, the Prep-Test App has developed an enormous archive of locally appropriate contents. We literally have everyone's teaching programs at PrepClass. We presently have over 50,000 registered tutors on our platform and each was correctly examined and tested.
Give us an attempt today to open the door to infinite possibilities!

Our interest is to break from the norm of formal education by providing tutors for basically anything you may wish to learn