Earn Money by Becoming
a Prepclass Scout Partner .

The Prepclass Scout Partnership initiative enables educators with extremely intense work schedules earn extra funds and help learners in their various educational institutions. With the Prepclass Scout Partner initiative, you will no longer need to turn away families in need of tutoring services because you the educator can easily refer PrepclassNG which is a professional home tutoring company to said families and earn a 20% commission throughout the lifecycle of the classes for each referred family.
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What is the Scout Partnership
Program About?

Here at Prepclass, we believe in fully empowering individuals to be independent academically, career-wise and financially and that is why we have created The Prepclass Scout Partnership Program.

The Prepclass Scout Partnership Program enables our partners to earn an income totally based on every family the scout is able to successfully refer to us. This means that you will be earning some money while empowering different learners around you who are in need of our services.
After a successful onboarding of your learner, you are assured full payment of a WHOOPING 20 PERCENT commission of your referred family’s tuition payment throughout the run of their class with PrepClass.

For example, let's say you refer a learner to Prepclass and the parent of the learner pays a N60k monthly for tuition. That means you earn 20% of N60k which is N12k. Now imagine referring 6 clients to us per term. You can easily be earning N60k per month without doing anything.

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What Makes Me Eligible to partake in the
Scout Partnership Program?

The following criteria must be met:

1. The scout must have recommended the parent of the learner prior to filling the scout referral form
2. The family must be located in Lagos/Abuja
3. The learner must have completed a cycle lesson (A cycle is defined by total lessons booked in a month) before 20% of the tuition payment is made to the scout
4. The referred learner must complete a month of tutoring before payment continues for other consecutive months.

How do I Become a Scout Partner?

Becoming a Prepclass Scout Partner is pretty easy,
all you have to do is:


Take that Bold Step

Register on our database that enables you recommend families, review the brochure from us stipulating all the terms of engagement.



Talk to the parent(s) of the learner about PrepClassNG by advising them to get a tutor from our platform.


Sign up

Give us the contact of the family by filling the scout referral form that is attached to your onboarding email.

Frequently Asked Questions

PrepClassNG provides an online marketplace where tutors engage learners in one-on-one classes. By creating a level playing ground for skilled tutors to offer their services to learners, it provides high quality personalized education that focuses on the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Our most significant metric is improved learner performance and on average we see a 75%-80% increase in learning performance within 3 months of engaging our tutors. We have facilitated over 3500+ tutor-learner connections, conducted 50,000+ tutoring hours and have paid over 150 million Naira to tutors.
The home is a very sacred place and we take extra precautions to ensure that our tutors are not only highly responsible but in a case of any reported issues we are able to track them. Prepclass handles the cost of elaborate due diligence on the tutor.
If you want to refer a family but also want a particular teacher to tutor the learner(s), this is possible given that the teacher is registered as a tutor on our platform and has gone through the selection process for all our tutors.
We charge all families based on a number of factors;
What is the specialty of the knowledge or skill that is to be taught?
How many people/children is the tutor expected to handle?
Number of days for tutoring and how many hours will each session last
Location of learner
The level of experience that the parent of the learner requires the tutor to have.
The age of the child
We work with students from ages 4 upwards. However, for any child between 4 and 8 we require that a nanny or guardian must be present with the child at all times while the tutor is teaching/coaching the child. This is because our tutors ARE NOT NANNIES and will not provide any extra service like feeding the child outside teaching.
1. After filling the scout referral form, our relationship manager calls the parent(s) of the learner(s) and gets the requirement of the parent. The parent is charged a N3000 service per every registered learner
2. Once the parent is assigned a tutor and tutoring is completed for a cycle, you receive a text message indicating that the tutor-parent engagement is active and a cycle has been completed
3. After the first month of tutoring, you would receive 20% of the parent's tuition according to your contract. Example a parent with a tuition fee charge of N60000 earns you a commission of N12000
4. You receive 20% payment each month over the next active months of tutor-parent engagement depending on your contract.
As many as you can offer to the organization. We encourage continuous use of the platform and assure the deliverance of quality service to every family you present to the organization
As a scout you are entitled a commision of 20percent off the referred family first tuition payment upon the completion of the first set of classes. The referred learner must complete a month of tutoring before payment continues for other consecutive months.
a. If the meeting with a referred family is not successful, you won’t be eligible for the first bonus and every other bonus.
b. If the meeting with the referred family was successful but the parent doesn’t engage a tutor or doesn’t complete a month’s tutoring cycle, you will only receive the first bonus.
c. After the first bonus, you only receive subsequent bonuses after each month’s complete cycle and successful billing of referred family i.e parent has paid.
To begin, you have to agree with our terms by signing a referral contract. A representative from PrepClassNG would schedule a physical meeting with you. The meeting would align with your schedule as long as it is at a landmark location and within office hours (9am-6pm). Please send ‘Schedule a Meet’ to 08133598406. Our representative would call you to schedule a meeting.

To become a certified prepclass tutor, please click on "Become a tutor"
to kick start your registration.

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