About the IELTS Exam

The International English Language testing system is one of the two and most widely accepted test.
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Why Takes IELTS

Having the IELTS qualification brings many opportunities with it. If you’ve been wanting
to study at a university in the UK or Ireland,IELTS is just what you need! Many major universities ask for this
English language test on their admission requirements, and thescore
1. It’s great for your career
Being the world’s most popular English language test, the IELTS qualification is recognised worldwide and accepted by over 10,000 organizations in more than 140 countries.
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2. It covers American and British English
Thankfully, the IELTS test covers both American and British English, so no matter what environment you use your English in, the English you learn for your IELTS test will be relevant
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3. It’s widely available
You can take the IELTS in 900 British Council accredited offices around the world, including London and Dublin. But of course, in order to take the test and get the score that you need, a preparation course is essential.
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EXAM Format

Primarily, the IELTS exam comes in two formats;


Academic IELTS

The IELTS academic test is specifically designed to evaluate English language abilities in prospective undergraduate or graduate university students (the IELTS general training and life skills tests are taken for other reasons). The IELTS academic test consists of four sections (or "papers") that assess reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Each paper has its own distinct exercises, question types, and structure.


General Training

The IELTS general training test is used for non-academic purposes, such as immigration visas or professional licenses. The exam includes four sections, or "papers," on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The speaking and listening sections on the general training test are the same as the analogous sections of the IELTS academic test, but the general training test does include unique reading and writing sections. Both the Academic and General Training IELTS test formats are either taken as a Computer Delivered Test or/and a Paper-based test.

The four sections of IELTS exam are:
Listening test; 40 questions, 30mins
Reading; 3 passages, 40 questions, 1hour,
Writing; task 1 (150 words) & task 2 (250 words); both 1 hour.
Speaking: 15 – 18 mins

Cost of Exam

The IELTS exam costs 75,000 naira for Standard IELTS, 92,800 naira for UKVI IELTS and 69,600 for Life Skills (A1 and B1).

Our IELTS program schedule

A diagnostic test will be given to you to assess your proficiency level,
pinpointing you strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing and listening
As the class progresses, materials and assessments will be given to you by our
seasoned tutors, to constantly help you improve, not just in preparation for
the IELTS exam but also in your daily lifestyle.

Morning Classes: 11am - 2pm
Afternoon Classes: 3pm - 6pm

11PM - 2PM

3PM - 6PM
Program Cost

/Per Month
Our classes run for 4 weeks (3 times a week) for weekdays, and 6 weeks for weekends.

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What some of our clients have to say!

Still unsure? We’ve put together a collection of feedback and reviews from our learners.
  • Godwin Johnson
    Mechanical Engineer
My experience was really good. The staffs very professional and the tutors are really experts in their field. Mr Bello really delivered. He covered all sections of the IELTS very carefully and taught us how to prepare for the actual exam. I scored 7.0 on my first attempt.
  • James Okafor
    Digital Marketer
It’s a wonderful place to learn if you’re looking to prepare for IELTS. The curriculum and materials are designed to make it easier for you to be able to learn faster. And the management is highly interactive and are always ready to answer questions that you may have. Wasiu Ahmed.
  • Ehis Omo
    Software Engineer
Awesome place to learn. I was skeptical at first, but we had read good reviews online. After going for the first two weeks we have already seen a lot of improvement. They started with the fundamentals based on a series of tests to see the strengths and weaknesses in each area of reading acquisition. It really has helped build a more solid foundation in English, and we are very grateful.

Our Approach

Diagnostics and Discovery
We come to understand where you are as a learner by conducting a detailed evaluation. Our task is to discover those subtle errors and limitations then turn them around into strengths in a matter of weeks.
Main Course
By the end of the classes, Our students are able to attain expert user status with a well developed study plan tailored to meet their needs.
Intensive Revision and Feedback
One week of intense revision, practice, reviews, feedback on exercises and extra prep just before any exam is taken by the student to ensure the learner is well equipped before entering any exam hall.


Some of our frequently asked questions.
There are two types of the IELTS test:
IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

The IELTS Academic test is for people applying for higher education or professional registration in an English-speaking environment. It reflects some of the features of academic language and assesses whether you are ready to begin studying or training.The IELTS General Training test is for those who are going to English speaking countries for secondary education, work experience or training programs. It is also a requirement for migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.The test focuses on basic survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts. Listening and Speaking are the same for both tests, but the subject matter of the Reading and Writing sections differs depending on which test you take.'
IELTS is available on 48 fixed dates a year up to four times a month, depending on local demand.'
If you postpone or cancel your application more than 5 weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund minus an administration charge. If you postpone or cancel within 5 weeks of the test date, you will be charged the full fee unless you have a medical reason. If you provide a medical certificate within 5 days of the test date, you will receive a refund minus the local administrative cost
'If you are absent on the test day with no prior notice, you will lose your full fee. However, if you provide a medical certificate within 5 days of the test date, you will receive a refund minus the local administrative cost.'
The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are always completed immediately after each other and with no break. The Speaking test will be held either on the same day or seven days before or two days after that, depending on local arrangements.
Only pens, pencils and erasers. You must bring the passport/national identity card you used on the IELTS Application Form to the test. You must leave everything else outside the examination room. Mobile phones, pagers and electronic devices of any kind must be switched off and placed with personal belongings in the area designated by the supervisor. If you do not switch off your phone/pager or any other electronic devices, or keep it on you, you will be disqualified. Personal watches are not allowed in the test room.