Ademola O.

English Language Tutor

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Proficient English Language Teacher

English Language is one of the major language of communication across the world. It comprises of different aspects. Some of these aspects are: Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Diction, Phonics, etc. In my teaching process for this subject, I will make sure to incorporate all of these aspects to make sure my student is thoroughly grounded in the language and its use.

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My experience as a teacher spans over 10 years and over this period, I have taught students ranging from the primary level of education to the secondary level.

I am an experienced, enthusiastic and focused teacher who is committed to promoting the education standard and well-being of every student I have the privilege to meet.

I also maintain a very high level of tenacity in seeking solutions. I am assiduous in executing whatever task I am faced with.

My objective for every session therefore is to add unmatched values to the knowledge base of my students to ensure they attain the best results.

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  • B.Sc Economics

    Nov 2004 - Nov 2011

    Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti


  • Coordinator, Subject Teacher and Motivational Speaker

    Jan 2003 - Jan 2017

    Rajmajoor Tutor, First Class Tutor, Visionary Tutor e.t.c

    I worked as a teacher with a brilliant vision of impacting knowledge in unique ways and also creating a good marketing link to help tutors to achieved their goals. I also employed good techniques by motivating students in line with teaching in order to make them brilliant on their courses.