Adenuga O.

English Language Tutor

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With my years of experience as a teacher, I have been able to teach fundamental language skills, reading, vocabulary, writing, grammar, speaking and listening effectively to my students. I have also been able to understand that it is very important for me as a teacher to ensure that my students develop the necessary skills from an early age.


Doing one-on-one lessons offers the ability to gear every moment to suit each person’s unique outlook, thus generally achieving quicker results.

I believe the key is to first get an understanding of a student’s motivation, learning technique and interests, then plan and tailor classes carefully and accordingly. Situations and attitudes often change, however, so as a tutor it is also essential to be alert, empathetic and flexible to ensure the best results.

Hard work and dedication are also crucial to achieving your goal, and throughout my classes I look for ways to get students enthused and keen to put in the time, which will help them with independent study. It is only when I think they are working to the best of their ability that I am satisfied.

I believe there's no such thing as a stupid question, and teaching students to be comfortable in uncertainty is an integral part of properly learning a topic - very often, a tentative response will be on exactly the right path to the answer!

No two students are the same, and so an individualized approach tailored to each child's strengths and areas of focus is not a bonus in tutoring, but a necessity. Through this, alongside a detailed knowledge of the curriculum and exam specifications, I aim to fully equip each student with the confidence and know-how to not only achieve their goals, but crucially keep an eye on the 'bigger picture' and enjoy the learning experience!

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  • B.Sc Education

    Aug 2012 - Jul 2016

    Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti

  • B.Tech Business education

    Jul 2005 - Jul 2008

    Adeniran College of Education - Lagos


  • Class Teacher and Subject Teacher (Computer Science)

    Mar 2008 - Aug 2012

    Olubisola Olumide Nursery and Primary School

    I taught students in Primary 1. I taught them using a detailed lesson plan which is created on a weekly basis. I taught them Mathematics, English Language, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, Social Studies. I was also the Computer Science teacher for students in Primary 1-5. I taught them on the theory and practical aspects of computer.

  • Subject Teacher (Computer Science)

    Sep 2004 - Sep 2007

    Abdek Primary School

    I taught Computer Science to students in Primary 1-5. I taught them with the aid of a detailed lesson plan. I taught them on the theory and practical aspects of a computer and also how to type.

  • Subject Teacher (Business Studies) Part Time

    Mar 2017 - Present

    Eben Noble Secondary School

    I teach Business Studies to students in JSS1. I teach them with the aid of a detailed lesson plan which is usually set in accordance with the school's approved curriculum. I issue assignments and tests to the students to ascertain whether the students were able to grasp the topic taught to them.

  • Subject Teacher (Handwriting Improvement) Part Time

    Mar 2017 - Present

    White Bridge International School

    I teach Handwriting Improvement to students in Primary 1-6. I make use of on-line materials to aid my teaching of the subject.