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In my years of teaching English Language, the first thing I do when I meet a new students, Is discovering what type of learners the students are because my teaching style is heavily dictated by my students. We also talk about their interests and goals. This seemingly conversation often holds the key to motivating them towards success

Learning is always best done actively. I ask lots of questions and expect a good level of engagement during a session.

I also believe that at the heart of even the trickiest problems is a series of simple solutions. I aim to make those simple solutions clear and to help my students to think clearly and effective for themselves.

Above all, learning doesn't happen very well if a student isn’t engaged. I’m good at helping my students become interested in what they're studying and, even if it takes a little while, it's worth it.


My name is Adetola. I am a graduate of English Language from the University of Ilorin. I also have a Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programmes (PGDE) from the National Teachers Institute Zaria . I equally have a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Lagos. And an IGCSE certification.

For over eleven (11) years, I have been teaching English Language to students in both Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. And in that time, I have prepared students for both National and International Examinations including WAEC, IGCSE and A-Levels who passed with flying colours.

As an experienced professional tutor, my responsibility is not only to teach my students the necessary content needed to pass their examinations, but also to arm them with all the necessary tools they will need to enjoy taking their learning far beyond our sessions.

The first of these tools, which can never be overstated, is making my students develop a genuine interest in the subject! Once that interest is sparked, it becomes much easier for students to motivate themselves, a skill which will help them extract as much joy as possible from all their future learning.

I also allow my students to track their own progress through test results and class exercises. I have found out that if a student can clearly see the progress that they have made so far, then the hurdles that they may have yet to jump seem just that little bit more manageable.

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  • B.Tech Education

    Jan 2017 - Present

    University of Lagos


  • Oba Olashore Avenue, Iloko Ijesha Osin State.

    Sep 2015 - Aug 2016

    Olashore International School Osun State

    English Teacher

  • Professional English Tutor

    Nov 2014 - Present

    English Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    Before I go for classes, the first thing I do is to choose realistic learning goals. This helps me to know what specific skills and knowledge i want my students to develop during the lesson. Then I pick exciting learning concepts. Even with a curriculum to cover that tells me what specific topics to teach, I try to find something unique and fascinating about the topic. I know my students' needs and talents. This helps me in choosing my learning goals, topics and teaching approaches adequately. Then I give a fair assessment to tell how well my students have understood what I have taught. After which, I Carry out my evaluation to find out how my students have responded to certain activities, resources or methods i have used. This helps me identify the most effective tools that are worth using and those that may need modification.