Akinbola O.

Senior Secondary School Biology Tutor

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Enthusiastic Teacher

I know from personal experience how tricky it can be to grasp some of the concepts in these subjects. However, I strongly believe that no topic is beyond understanding. For me, it is of utmost importance to be able to explain the fundamentals of these topics in layman's terms so that anybody could understand them. I want the student to be so comfortable with a concept, that they themselves could easily explain it to their friends or family. It's only at this point that a student will feel comfortable answering questions in an exam setting.


I am highly enthusiastic about education and Science related subjects and I endeavor to help my students feel the same fascination with these subjects as I do.

My goal is to be able to give the student the confidence and the skills necessary to tackle exams in their subjects. I believe that it is important to track a student's progress with exercises and exam-style questions. When a student sees an improvement in their abilities, the confidence-boost they receive really demonstrates how valuable tutoring is.

It is also important to me that a student truly understands the concepts they are learning, as I find this is the best way to retain the information and apply it to solving problems. 

It is vital to tailor each set of lessons to the needs of the individual student. Everybody learns in a variety of ways and, as such, I am always on the look out for new techniques and ideas to help me in my teaching.

That said, I am always committed to helping students develop their confidence as I believe that if someone is to work successfully they need to firmly believe in their capacity to improve. I like to encourage a relaxed but focused working environment with a friendly and engaging style.

I am a conscientious private tutor (full-time /part-time of science subjects: chemistry,  physics,  mathematics and biology. I have over  6 years of experience in teaching and preparing students for WAEC AND IGCSE with proven accomplishments.

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  • M.Sc Education And Chemistry

    Sep 2011 - Jan 2014

    University of Lagos

  • B.Sc Industrial Chemistry

    Jul 2001 - Nov 2007

    Federal University of Technology, Akure


  • Tutor

    Jun 2009 - Present

    Private tutorials

    I teach Mathematics, Chemistry, Basic Science, Physics and other Science related subjects. I have prepared students for their IGCSE examinations in various Science subjects. I make use of different materials online and text books to ensure I deliver to my students. I give them impromptu tests to ascertain their level of preparation and also to help me spot their weaknesses for us to work on. At the beginning of each session with a student, I give a test to help me ascertain the areas that the student is lacking, I also work towards understanding the students best learning pattern so I can tailor my teaching process to suit the student.

  • Subject Teacher (Chemistry)

    Jun 2011 - Apr 2013

    Adonai Secondary School

    As a subject teacher in Adonai Secondary School, I carry out the following activities: I prepare lesson notes based on the subject curriculum and scheme of work, I taught Chemistry pupils in SSS 1, 2 and 3 respectively, I also carried out practicals with my students, I prepared my students for both internal and external examinations as well. I also help them improve in their academic performance through close monitoring in class and at home via the help of their parents.