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My name is Aniekan. I am a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the Prestigious University of Uyo.

Having over five years experience teaching Mathematics, i have come to understand the ways different students perceives this interesting subject.

Mastery of Mathematics can be really rewarding, but it requires ample opportunity for discussion if a student is to grasp the bigger picture.

I have found that teaching a subject from the core concept and very basics, step by step through to the wider applications is best for ensuring a complete understanding.

Creating bespoke lessons and learning materials for my students is also essential to provide optimal learning.

I tend to favor an evidence based approach when it comes to teaching my students. This entails ensuring that i properly assess the level my students are at when i first meet them to tailor my tuition to their specific needs.

I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest studies in educational research and i keep a critical eye on what approaches are best evidenced.

I find different approaches often suit different students, with some needing a focus on exam technique and style, others requiring confidence building, and most needing to develop a fluency in whichever subject they are studying through total immersion. In Mathematics this might include ensuring they are up to date with the latest developments in Mathematics and linking this to the syllabus that they are studying. 

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  • B.ENG Chemical Engineering

    Jan 2000 - Dec 2006

    University of Uyo


  • Class Manager

    Aug 2011 - Present

    Gracity Schools

    I teach & carry out research work, conduct physics laboratory practicals & develop the curriculum. I teach music, guitar, piano, clarinet, & recorder to the students & pupils. I teach Mathematics, Physics & Further-Mathematics. I also work in the IT department. I am responsible for managing content on the organization social media platforms. I am responsible for marketing the school on social media.

  • Mathematics Tutor

    Aug 2017 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    I concentrate more on building self confidence and fostering a love for Mathematics. To do this i endeavors to establish a close working relationship with my students, based on trust and confidence. That will help me facilitate my students examination success as well as address their wider educational needs. Thought process, rather than content, lies at the heart of my ambition to develop self sufficient learners, yet i appreciates that content and technique cannot be underestimated when preparing for examination.

  • Trainee Facility Engineer

    Mar 2019 - May 2019

    Homik Oil & Gas Engineering School

    I used Autocad software for 2-D drafting & 3-D modelling.