Ayomide A.

Drums Tutor

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Skilled Drum Player

I have been playing drums for years and teaching. I have experience in performance of many styles from classical, contemporary, rock, jazz, funk, and several others. I have plenty of written out drum set music which I use alongside several crucial technique books and exercises to make learning drums fun while still making sure the most important thing is learned which is the technique of drumming.


My name is Ayomide, I am a graduate of Computer Science from the National Institute of Information Technology. For years, I have been a music director at my church and a youth leader. I teach drums, piano and I give vocal lessons too.

Teaching has been a passion of mine. I have been blessed to teach a wide variety of students, from young and elderly beginners to exceptional performing musicians. My goal is for students to really understand what they are doing.

 I like to focus on the fundamentals of drumming (i.e. the 26 rudiments, sight reading, independence etc.) and once I get to know the individual and his/her strengths and goals I can create a unique curriculum around them. My intention is to help each student get in touch with their inner drummer so they can unlock the lifetime of joy that comes with that.

I have discovered and refined many systems of learning music that are not commonly taught, which enables my students to progress much more quickly than those taking lessons with amateur teachers. I encourage self-efficacy, but also provide helpful guides and encouragement towards this end - I want students to eventually be able to effortlessly teach themselves as much as possible, while utilizing resources (like a private tutor) in the most efficient and beneficial ways.

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  • Music director.

    Mar 2005 - May 2017

    RCCG dominion sanctuary.

    Music instructor.

  • Piano teacher

    Feb 2016 - Apr 2017

    Prep class

    Piano tutor

  • Piano, Drums and Voice Training Tutor

    Feb 2016 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    Along with recording and producing music, I really have a passion to teach and mentor both young and old, on recording techniques, mixing, MIDI and other music production topics. I like to focus on areas that you are interested in, versus a specific curriculum. I also like teaching the history of music production, to inform you on recording methods and how records were made in the past. I look forward to working with you on building your knowledge base in music production.