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Prepclass Tutor Since: September 2016

My name is Bisi. A graduate of Computer Science and i also obtained my Postgraduate degree from the University of Nottingham in Education.

I have been teaching both lower and upper primary levels since 2008, with several years of productive teaching experience, i have attended several training both internationally and locally which has strengthened my versatility as a teacher. 

I believe all children learn in different ways, so i like to use a variety of methods to try and get the children understand and apply the knowledge gained.

I pay attention to details, and i establish good communication with my students for better understanding of their problems and their willingness to accept what is being taught to them. 

My objective is to add unmatched values to the knowledge base of the student to attain the best results.

  • Computer Science Tutor
    Sep 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    I teach my students by challenging the assumptions they've made. If i show them where those assumptions break down, they develop new, more accurate models.

  • Subject Teacher (English, Science, Numeracy, Computer)
    Sep 2016 - Present

    Imperial Gate school

    I passionatelly teach my students several subjects, give accessment to them and develope ways to acheive academic excellence.

  • B.Tech Education
    Jan 2015 - May 2016

    University of Nottingham

  • B.Tech Computer Science
    Oct 1995 - Jun 1999