Charles E.

Senior Secondary School Chemistry Tutor

Hours Tought: 3

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the fun is in the periodic table

You get to learn about elements and experiments.

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I am a beneficiary of a home tutor. I love sharing knowledge. That look of discernment and comprehension on the face of my students gives me great satisfaction. 

As a graduate of Human Physiology, I specialize in teaching science subjects (Physics, chemistry, Biology Etc) as well as Mathematics and English at both 'O' and 'A' levels. 

I teach pupils at primary level preparing for common entrance and secondary school students preparing for JSCE AND WASSCE/NECO.

I like to review lessons that has been taught to the student/pupil in class (school) and step it up a notch or two if needed. I also like to keep the students/pupils on their toes by giving tests regularly and preparing them for the next learning session by giving homework and further reading. 


I'm of the belief that every child, male or female can improve regardless of the status quo.

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  • M.Sc Public Health

    Apr 2011 - Present

    University of Calabar

  • B.Sc Physiology

    Apr 2004 - Apr 2008

    University of Calabar


  • Science, Mathematics and English tutor

    Aug 2013 - Aug 2018


    Prepared the student and pupil for their JSCE and common entrance exams respectively. Keeping them abreast of their curricula in school and doing monthly revisions.

  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology tutor

    Mar 2014 - Aug 2018

    Majoe Environmental Health Care Services

    Prepared candidates for Enviromental health officers (EHO) council exams (EHORECON). Took them on Biostatistics and Epidemiology at an introductory level.

  • Tutor

    Jan 2015 - Present


    Tutored students in both junior and senior secondary. Prepared students for JSCE and SSCE exams.