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My name is Damilolae. I have a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Prestigious University of Lagos.

In my five years experience teaching Mathematics and Basic Science, i have found that learning is best achieved in a fun atmosphere.

I strive to make my lessons fun and accessible as well as relevant to the career aspirations of each student so that they can engage with the subject on a personal level.

One of the advantages of one-on-one tutoring is that lessons can be targeted to address the individual needs and abilities of my student. This can range from slowing their approach to Mathematics questions to avoid making easy mistakes, using everyday examples to demonstrate scientific processes, and working out imaginative ways to teach concepts students have particular difficulty with.

I am a great believer is using examination board specifications to show students exactly what they are expected to know and how they are expected to apply this knowledge.

Furthermore, I like to spend time on examination technique, helping my students approach questions in a structured manner to gain as many marks as possible.

In addition, i believe motivation and having fun are important aspects of learning.

Students must be able to recognize why they are learning particular topics, why they are interesting, how they can be applied, and what rewards can be gained.

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  • B.Sc Chemical Engineering

    Feb 2010 - Feb 2015

    University of Lagos


  • Chemitry Teacher

    Oct 2016 - Present

    Stars International College

    I enlivened the giants in students through loving and encouraging words. I helped the students develop great interest in the subject via carefully designed simplified teaching methods in line with W.A.E.C. curriculum. This has produced excellent students in previous examinations. I inspired my students to excel to proffer solutions and not job seekers.

  • Mathematics and Basic Science Tutor

    Jun 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    A key to tutoring is setting goals, achieving that goal and then moving on. I will come to each session with a set of objectives to meet so that my students can physically see the progress they are making, which will in turn provide them with the confidence they need to tackle the areas they find more challenging. A great deal of tutoring is giving students the confidence to tackle problems that they find daunting, generally in an area or subject that they dislike as a consequence of finding it difficult. In my sessions, i create a supportive atmosphere where getting a question wrong is part and parcel of the learning process and my student doesn't feel foolish for making errors but uses them constructively as a learning aid.