Emmanuel C.

English Language Tutor

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Excellent English Language Teacher

English Language is the major means and language of communication in our country and other countries across the world. It therefore is important that we teach children from an early stage about the fundamentals of the language, it is important we teach them to read, speak and basically communicate with the language.


I am a conscientious person, humble, passionate,caring and a creative teacher. I have considerable experience in teaching younger students. Achieving success in a given subject ultimately relies on consistent and persistent effort and applying the skills learnt.

As a teacher, I am demanding but I am also very patient and kind. I want my students to succeed in their education, that is why I put in every effort to make that happen. I enjoy getting to know my students and their interests, whilst tailoring my classes to meet their needs.

I like to create a supportive classroom atmosphere where students can feel comfortable communicating to me, while at the same time providing corrections and feedback for students at all times. I enjoy using creative activities to make my classes more interactive and fun.

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  • HND Mechanical Engineering

    Sep 2008 - Sep 2013



  • Class Teacher (Primary 6)

    Mar 2015 - Present

    Jufradol Montessori School

    I teach students in the primary 6 class, I teach them the following subjects: Mathematics, English language, Science, Social Studies, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning, General Knowledge, etc. I am also teaching in preparation for their various common entrance examinations and their transitioning into the secondary school system. Each of my lessons are attended to with the aid of a detailed lesson plan which is created in accordance with the school's curriculum which is the Nigerian curriculum. I carry out periodic assessments on my students to enable me know the extent to which they have been able to grasp the various topics taught to them under their various subjects. I also liaise with other subject teachers, the school management and parents to ensure we effectively harness the potentials of every child.