Tobechukwu E.

Mathematics Tutor

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Excellent Mathematics Tutor

My teaching approach to mathematics is to find simpler methods to make complex topics less complex and easily understandable.

I find that many children run away from mathematics not because of the subject itself but probably because of the method or strategy used in teaching.

I bring fun to mathematics by using paintings, charts, toys, even edible items. Just to ensure that my lessons are not boring and my students can remember what they have been taught even after classes are over


My name is Tobechukwu, i am a graduate of Social Science and Education from the University of Nigeria. I also have a masters degree in Education from the University of Lagos.

For over 3 years i have had the privilege of teaching children in Primary School Mathematics, and English Language.

My experience and qualification allows me to develop creative ways to teach lessons effectively and stimulate my students curiosity to learn.

I am always excited about teaching my students, and i always help my students feel the same fascination towards learning.

It is very important to me that my student truly understands the concepts i am teaching, as I find this is the best way to retain the information and apply it to solving problems.

My aim as a teacher to instill confidence, both in the subject I teach, their general education and personal development.

My goal is not just to tick boxes on a syllabus but to repair specific faults. I don't just teach my students, i work with them. 

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  • M.Sc Education

    Jun 2014 - Dec 2016

    University of Lagos

  • B.Sc Education & Social Science

    Jun 2004 - May 2009

    University of Nigeria



    Apr 2013 - Present


    • Promoted the well-being of children & their protection from emotional, physical & social abuse. • Conferred with parents and teachers to resolve students' behavioural & academic problems. • Participated in the development of curriculum, syllabuses, materials and Schemes of Work. • Planned and prepared appropriate lessons and suitable teaching materials. • Coordinated inter-house sports events, end-of-year parties, spelling bee competitions, etc. • Supervised new Teachers/Assistant Teachers, encouraged mutual support and interdependency to help them gain confidence and work towards the success of the organization. • Assisted in planning/preparing annual budgets for the efficient running of the school business. • Ensured that emergency procedures were clearly established and understood. • Developed lesson plans and agenda according to curriculum guidelines. • Reviewed the performance of teaching assistants and offered feedback. • Adapted teaching methods/instructional materials to meet varying students' needs/interests. • Instructed students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods such as story time, discussions, and demonstrations. • Enforced rules/procedures for behaviour and maintenance of order among teachers/students. • Ensured the educational and social development of pupils under my care. • Organised classes and responded to the strengths and needs of students during lessons. • Identified children with learning issues and attended to their special educational needs. • Ensured the well-being of children and their protection from emotional, physical & social abuse. • Provided administrative support for school events • Promoted a culture of Safety, Health, Security and Environmental protection. • Organised events and attended to all matters relating to the successful conduct of events • Participated in the school’s marketing, promotion and publicity campaigns • Ensured effective and appropriate filing of all documentation. • Monitored and assessed pupil’s progress using feedbacks to improve teaching delivery. • Ensured that correct use and care of equipment and resources is maintained at all times.


    Jun 2016 - Present


    • Coordinated/supervised/invigilated British Council events, including Cambridge and A-Level examinations to the standard required by the British Council Examinations Service. • Provided administrative and communication support for British Council events including Cambridge and A-Level examinations in line with Exams Quality Standards. • Professionally answered and directed all internal and external phone calls • Liaised with executive and senior administrative assistants to handle requests and queries from senior managers and external clients. • Ensured that candidates are familiarized with emergency procedures for the test day venue. • Enabled good customer flow by giving candidates clear direction and answering their enquiries. • Worked with other staff to identify challenges, effectively plan and develop innovative solutions achieve shared success in all examination events. • Professionally attended to enquiries regarding British Council events, ensuring that customers have a positive image of the British Council. • Professionally organized and scheduled all official appointments for clients/visitors • Prepared, submitted and reconciled daily expense reports • Ensured proper planning of all events activities to ensure job completion according to schedule and in line with Exams Quality Standards. • Supervised/monitored candidates during tests to ensure there is no violation of test conditions. • Ensured candidates have a positive test day experience & image of the British Council. • Ensured that all material is accounted for and handed over securely to the supervisor. • Organised events and attended to all matters relating to the successful conduct of events • Liaised with others staff to deliver excellent results and promote good image of the British. • Developed and maintained a filing system, office policies and procedures. • Ensured the development and delivery of all communications activities regarding British Council events including marketing campaigns. • Wrote and distributed email, correspondence memos, letters and forms, ensuring all written communications are appropriately worded for the relevant audience and effectively presented. • Ensured effective delivery of set objectives by ensuring that the British Council brand is properly represented to the relevant audience. • Provided general administrative support to clients/students/visitors • Ensured effective and appropriate filing of all documentation. • Reported incidents, emergencies or breaches of security to the appropriate test day supervisor. • Promoted, protected and ensured the well-being of candidates at all time. • Promoted a culture of Safety, Health, Security and Environmental protection. • Ensured that all relevant standards & procedures are followed. • Acted as the focal point of contact for internal and external clients • Maintained up to date contact lists

  • Experienced Tutor in teaching English, and Mathematics

    Mar 2015 - Present

    Primary School Tutor Prepclass Ng Limited.

    My Role is to bring my students up to date in areas they might be lagging and if they are not, ensure that they do not fall below the standard currently are but instead ensure that they improve and they better than they use to be when we first met.