Florence N.

Home tutor in Ikeja, Lagos

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English teacher specialising in test prep, reading, and writing!

I have found that teaching a subject from the core concept and very basics, step by step through to the wider applications is best for ensuring a complete understanding.

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Levels Taught: Nursery, Lower Primary, Upper Primary


I use my character and personality to respond to the needs of pupils and I have a holistic view of my students which allows me to tailor any mentoring or intervention that I put in place.

My approach to tutoring is student-driven and question-based. 'Student-driven' means that each lesson is tailored to their own needs and concerns. We tackle the topics that they find most challenging and build confidence from there. 'Question-based' means that I always keep my students engaged and on their toes. They are an active participant in the lesson and enjoy rising to the challenge.

I have an informal but focused approach, finding the best way for the student to understand the theory and apply it to questions. The best way to improve is through practise, and all lessons have a heavy emphasis on exercises.

I believe it is important to encourage confidence and a systematic thoroughness, but also that lessons are engaging and fruitful.

I want my students to feel that every new topic or idea that they come across is something that they could have invented themselves, given enough time and the correct initial line of thought.

  • Class teacher
    Apr 2007 - Dec 2000

    Heyday school Festac town

    I taught Nursery pupils. I coordinated all curriculum and non-curricula activities in the class, I coordinated assemblies, I was responsible for the general welfare of the students, I liaised with the school authorities and the parents to better maximize the talents of the children, I gave them class activities to keep them engaged. I taught them how to read simple texts, their alphabets, how to write and also how to count.

  • Class teacher
    Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

    Purple gate school

    At Purple Gate School, I taught students in Primary 2. I did this with the aid of a detailed lesson plan/note which was written in accordance with the school's approved curriculum. I issued tests and assignments to help the assimilation of what was taught to them. During our Reading sessions, I challenged them to read to the whole class one after the other. The essence of this was to inculcate the habit of reading in them from an early age. I gave feedback to parents so they could know how their children were faring in the classroom.

  • B.Sc Education & Accountancy
    Sep 2000 - Dec 2004

    University of Nigeria