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When teaching English Language, i welcome the focus on the individual learner that is a central feature of tutoring, and i very much enjoy engaging in the lively dialogue and individualised feedback that enables tutees to grow in confidence as learners. I bring enthusiasm and energy to my tutoring. My approach to tutoring is also informed, where relevant, by a sound understanding of the assessment requirements for public examinations and school entrance examinations.


My name is Folaranmi, I am a graduate of Biological Sciences from the Obafemi Awolowo University. My passion for teaching stems from my own personal experience with understanding the impact that excellent teachers can have on our lives.

I have over two years of teaching experience teaching students in Primary School, Mathematics and English Language. I have successfully prepared students for Internal and External Examinations.

My approach to learning focuses on the concept of regular self-assessment. By setting myself goals, and then regularly assessing them, I find that I learn very efficiently. This approach has served me well for over ten years, and is a method I try and use with all my students. I find this works particularly well with students who are struggling, as it allows them to regain control one bit at a time rather than tackle everything all at once. 

Helping students learn more efficiently is extremely important, as it allows them to have a good work-life balance. When this doesn't exist students can start to resent their studies, which is a huge barrier to learning. It also helps in the run-up to exams, when time is scarce and prioritising becomes a vital part of success. 

In addition to this, I am a big believer in exam technique. Every exam has a particular style, and this can be used to gain an advantage. Students still have to have the underlying knowledge to be able to pass their exams, but without good exam technique even bright students can struggle. I therefore spend a good amount of time asking students to think about why a question has been asked in a particular way, so they learn to use the hints that examiners are giving them.

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  • B.Sc Biological Sciences

    Sep 2005 - Jul 2008

    Obafemi Awolowo University


  • Competent Mathematics and English Language Tutor

    May 2015 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    My goal in tutoring, regardless of subject, is to encourage students to think independently and creatively to solve whatever problem lies before them. I also aim to foster an environment which promotes academic curiosity. I want my students to strive for greater knowledge, actively questioning and exploring new material to better their educative progress. As a tutor, I also strive to push my students beyond the curriculum, exploring their interests and motivations beyond the classroom in order to nurture an innate desire to expand their knowledge.