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My name is Elizabeth,I have a diploma in Music from Muson Center Lagos.

I have over four years worth of experience as an instructor/trainer for Guitar, Piano and Violin.

Over the years as a Music instructor, I have found myself in various situations due to the circumstances that surrounds some of my students and I have been able to scale them effectively.

However, I never let this discourage me instead I always see these circumstances as challenges to overcome and learn from while gaining experience and improving as a teacher.

My approach to teaching, starts with me learning and understanding my students' general level ( i.e beginner, intermediate or proficient) in each musical instrument and what they expect to achieve from each class and at the end of the session.

I use these information to create an appropriate, detailed and individual lesson plan for my students taking into account their skills and what needs to be done to ensure we achieve the desired objective at the end of sessions.

I make sure my sessions are fun and at the same time constructive so we achieve the desired objectives.

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  • B.Tech Sociology/Anthropology

    Feb 2018 - Present

    University of Benin

  • B.Tech Music

    Feb 2014 - Jul 2016

    Muson music school


  • Piano instructor and guitar instructor

    Feb 2015 - Present

    Light Foundation School of Music

    I teach student how to play the Piano and Theory of Music

  • Enthusiastic and Experienced Piano, Guitar and Violin Instructor

    Jan 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    I instill a deep understanding and rub off some of my passion and enthusiasm on my students