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Quantitative Reasoning Tutor

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Excellent Quantitative Reasoning Teacher

Quantitative reasoning (QR) is the application of basic Mathematics skills to the analysis and interpretation of real-world quantitative information in the context of a discipline or an interdisciplinary problem to draw conclusions that are relevant to students in their daily lives. It is not just Mathematics. It is highly important that we begin to teach this subject to children from an early age so they begin to develop their thinking and reasoning capabilities from an early age


During my tutoring experience of over 5 years, I have found that patience and attentive listening are key skills as a tutor in enabling understanding and instilling a positive work ethic with learners.

I tailor my sessions to fit each student because some students are very verbal while others are visual learners and understanding each child's needs leads to a significant academic progress.

My approach to tutoring is aimed at developing a rapport with the students in order to gain an insight into their personal goals and achievements.

This, in turn, helps me to identify any weaknesses as well as build on the child's strengths. My focus is always on the child's development and improvement, constantly striving for success.

I always make sure to listen carefully to my students and encourage them to do a lot of the talking. By so doing, I gauge how they learn and absorb new information.

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  • B.Tech Education & Mathematics

    Nov 2012 - Nov 2017

    Federal University of Technology, Minna


  • Subject Teacher (Mathematics)

    May 2016 - Dec 2016

    Sapati International School

    I taught the students in JSS2 Mathematics. I did this with the aid of a detailed lesson plan which was created in accordance with the school's curriculum.

  • Enthusiastic Private Tutor

    Aug 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    I am highly passionate about the subjects I teach and education in general. I endeavour to help my students feel the same fascination and passion I feel for these subjects as I do. It is also important to me that a student truly understands the concepts they are learning, as I find this is the best way to retain the information and apply it to solving problems. I particularly love that light bulb moment when a student understands a new concept! I take the time to acquaint myself with each student’s learning style and level of ability so I can tailor my teaching style to their needs, and I focus on creating a comfortable atmosphere for my students to ask questions.

  • Class Teacher

    Jan 2020 - Present

    Saint Mary and Alfred School

    Teaching all Primary class section as well as preparing learners for common entrance exam

  • Class Teacher

    Jan 2015 - Jul 2015

    Himma international school

    Taught primary 3 and 4

  • Assistant Class Teacher

    Jun 2013 - Dec 2013

    El-amin international school

    I was an assistant teacher and i taught Mathematics.

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  • Mike

    Nov 2018

    Ms. Hammedat is doing an amazing job she is punctual and very good at what she does, I am pleased with the classes