Helen E.

Mathematics Tutor

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Result Oriented Mathematics Teacher

I believe that my responsibility as a tutor is not only to teach my students the necessary content, but also to arm them with all the necessary tools they will need to enjoy taking their learning far beyond our sessions.

The first of these tools, which can never be overstated, is a genuine interest in the subject! Once that interest is sparked it becomes much easier for students to motivate themselves, a skill which will help them extract as much joy as possible from all their future learning. I also like to engage my students in conversations that take us well beyond the sometimes restrictive syllabus.

The second major tool I aim to pass on to my students is perhaps a little more mundane but one that I believe to be equally as important; organisation. Not just in the practical sense of effective note taking and filing but also in relation to a students ability to organize their own thoughts. A well organised mind is much more adept at problem solving because it grants students the ability to take a step back and see the bigger picture. I help my students to do this by talking often and in depth with them about problem solving in general and how we can apply the same techniques across a huge range of subjects and questions. It has often been said that education is less about learning facts by rote and more about training yourself to think about the world in a different (and hopefully more useful) way.

The last and perhaps the most important tool is confidence. Mathematics especially can be a hugely daunting subject to tackle, not least because reading a Mathematics question that you don’t understand can be like trying to read a foreign language that you can’t speak. However by teaching students to break problems down into smaller chunks we can turn a daunting mountain of a question into a series of manageable mole hills.


It is important to me to engage and excite my students in a way which is sometimes overlooked in the classroom. My main aim is to build confidence in my students and to allow they to tap into their individual strengths to enable them to tackle areas of difficulty. I especially find that when teaching a subject like Mathematics, which is often stigmatized in schools as being particularly difficult and easy to fall behind in, a one on one dynamic enables me to really spend as much time as is necessary on tricky concepts.

My policy is that 'no question is too big or too little,' and I encourage students to ask me anything, even if they feel that they 'should' know the answer, or perhaps were unable to ask their school teacher. It is important that no student is ever made to feel inadequate for not knowing something.

I aim to build a high level of confidence in my students that will enable them to take mathematics in their stride, be well equipped to tackle forthcoming concepts and problems in the classroom environment, and above all, to enjoy their studies.

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  • B.Sc Biochemistry

    Sep 2009 - Feb 2014

    Delta State University, Abraka


  • Subject Teacher (Biology, Basic Science, Mathematics, Physical, Health Education)

    Jan 2017 - Mar 2018

    Triple P Heritage School

    Teaching students according to the curriculum, preparing lesson notes,marking notes and giving assignments and projects

  • Class Teacher

    May 2018 - Present

    Child Care Nursery and Primary School

    I teach students in Basic 5. I teach them the following subjects: Mathematics, English Language, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, Basic Science, Social Studies, Home Economics, Agricultural Science. I am preparing the students for their common entrance examinations and basically their transition into secondary school system. I prepare lesson plans and teach them with the aid of a detailed lesson plan which is created on a weekly basis. I relate with the parents and other members of staff on how to encourage them to do better.