Ijemaru J.

English Language Tutor

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Enthusiastic English Language Teacher

Nothing pleases me more than teaching English to both native and non-native speakers, and watching them make progress in leaps and bounds.

Since grammar and spelling are often left by the wayside in our schools, I am more than happy to fill in the gaps for my students. I do feel that English Language is underrated. No subject is more important. Without knowing how to express oneself in proper English, how can anybody succeed in life? Excellent language arts skills are fundamental for all content areas, as well as for every profession under the sun.


I am fun and lively, and am particularly good at motivating students who are having trouble concentrating or getting on with a subject. I am happy to tailor lessons precisely to what the student and parent require, and of course am more than willing to offer additional support via email or telephone outside of lessons.

It is a privilege to get to work with so many engaging and unique young people. It is my job to find an approach and structure to best facilitate each individual student's growth.

Sometimes a child needs a little help to catch up or at other times wants to drive on past their peers and excel. Perhaps there is a learning or behavioral problem, or perhaps there is no problem at all. I think the first thing to do is: respect the student, to take them in and to listen to them. Then it is a simple case of giving them what they need. Maybe Mathematics needs to be more fun, maybe the student needs the space and time to understand, maybe they need practice or maybe they just need some structure.

I enjoy getting to know my students and weaving their personal interests into my lessons so as to engage them.

Humour and frequent praise cannot be overemphasized and as such they are indispensable tools as well as clearly articulated learning outcomes and high expectations. My lessons often use a list of 'success criteria', 'model answers' and self and teacher evaluation of strengths and weaknesses.

I also try to encourage reflection and independent thought through targeted questioning.

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  • B.Sc Public Administration and Local Government

    Nov 2011 - Aug 2015

    Nnamdi Azikiwe University


  • Class and Subject Teacher

    May 2017 - Present

    Figil High School

    Teaching the students the assigned subject, preparation of results and administering assessment, general discipline of students

  • Enthusiastic Teacher

    May 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    I know that students succeed when their learning goals are not abstract or dictated by someone else but are personally meaningful. That is why I take time to really get to know my students so that I can put their learning into this context. I also believe that students learn best when they can see the real-world application of their knowledge and skills and when they are encouraged to aspire to the highest standards. For this reason, my education and professional background are a huge asset to me as a tutor. As an experienced classroom teacher, I have a thorough understanding of the assessment requirements for public examinations, and I know exactly what it takes to succeed.