Martha I.

Verbal Reasoning Tutor

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An excellent verbal reasoning teacher

 I am a big believer in providing students with the best grounding and materials possible so that even when they aren't with me in sessions there will be the capacity for them to develop and study further.

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I am an educator with about 5 years teaching experience. I have a vast knowledge of the Nigerian, American and British curricula. I have penchant for teaching the English Language with peculiarities in Phonics/diction, Creative Writing, Grammar and Literature.

I have also prepared students for Junior and Senior WAEC, GCE, Checkpoint, IELTS and SAT with a 90% pass rate.

My attention to engagement and structured progress provides struggling students with the tools and attitude to help lift their grades, and assists well-performing students in discovering that extra flair and enjoyment that can distinguish their work at the highest level.

I firmly believe that no subject, however daunting, is too difficult for a student. My job and favorite activity is to find that relatable example or way of looking at a topic that can unlock a complex topic for a learner.

I spend a lot of time asking questions to make sure the students truly understand the concepts and then get them to teach it back to me as a way of clarifying their understanding. I try to come up with creative ways to learn and enforce concepts that are applicable to the real world.

I am also a big advocate in making sure students are equipped with all the tools to learn that will benefit them outside of our sessions , such as organisation and effective study techniques

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  • BA Linguistics and Nigerian Languages

    Mar 2009 - Jul 2013

    University of Nigeria

  • A’Levels

    May 2019 - May 2019

    Holy Child College


  • English Educator

    Sep 2015 - Aug 2016

    Light House British College

    I taught Grammar, Phonics, Creative Writing,Literature and prepared Year 9 students for their Checkpoint examinations. I kept all academic records required of a dedicated class teacher. I also headed the Reading club and was a member of the examination committee.

  • English Educator

    Sep 2016 - Present

    Readington School

    English educator (Middle School 1-High School 3) Literature educator (High School 1) Checkpoint Instructor SAT Trainer Coordinator Literary and debating club Editor, Readington Echoes Class administrator (Middle School 2)