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Experienced Mathematics Tutor

I'm passionate about Mathematics, and i know from personal experience how tricky it can be to grasp some of the concepts in this subject.

However, i strongly believe that no topic is beyond understanding. For me, it is of utmost importance to be able to explain the fundamentals of this topic in layman's terms so that anybody could understand them.

I want my students to be so comfortable with a concept, that they themselves could easily explain it to their friends or family. It's only at this point that a student will feel comfortable answering questions in an examination setting.

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Prepclass Tutor Since: July 2016

My name is Imoh. I am a graduate of Science Education from the University of Lagos.

My four years experience teaching Mathematics has shaped my approach tutoring, which now varies hugely depending on the student i am tutoring. However i think something which unifies it across the range of ages and abilities is that i always try to break down what seem like huge, daunting subjects or assignments into smaller, manageable, non-scary, fun tasks.

I work closely with each student to determine the ways in which they learn best, their interests, strengths and weaknesses, and feed this back into my tutoring methods, creating a tailor-made learning experience.

My methods are, of course, also informed by a thorough understanding of assessment requirements and criteria both for school entrance examinations and public examinations.

I believe that a positive and confident attitude towards the academic subject being studied can be hugely beneficial in terms of results, and i try to engender this by providing a supportive yet challenging relationship and environment for study.

I thoroughly enjoy tutoring Mathematics, and hope that i can transmit my enthusiasm and energy to my students.

  • Mathematics Tutor
    Mar 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    I feel that it is indispensable to try and make the student excited about the subject that we are learning about. Mathematics is fascinating and wonderful, but this can often get lost in the school setting. I hope to create an environment where the student really sees how amazing Mathematics is. Finally, my goal is to be able to give my student the confidence and the skills necessary to tackle examinations in Mathematics. I believe that it is important to track my student's progress with exercises and examination-style questions. When my student sees an improvement in their abilities, the confidence-boost they receive really demonstrates how valuable tutoring is.

  • B.Sc Science Education
    Sep 2009 - Nov 2014

    University of Lagos