Joseph A.

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An experienced Music Teacher

The Recorder as it is correctly called is an interesting instrument, I would help my students in understanding the the principle of the open finger holes and how to use it to produce beautiful harmonic tunes.

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Levels Taught: Music


Prepclass Tutor Since: April 2018

I'm a Music tutor, I obtained my diploma in music designing/production from Doxa Music Institute. I am very familiar with the following musical instruments Piano, Recorder, Flute, Violin and I also conduct voice training classes for students.

I've taught over ten private music students ranging in age from seven years above, and also in school organizations.

I encourage students to be goal-oriented and maintain enthusiasm and motivation by establishing clear attainable milestones, which strike a balance between challenging them and also developing confidence. Most importantly, however, I think it is essential that the students enjoy their sessions and that the subject matter is made relevant and relatable. I consider myself to be very positive, patient and approachable and I strive to cultivate a safe environment in which students feel comfortable to express their difficulties and explore diverse methods to enhance learning and achieve their desired aims.

  • Music Instructor
    Jan 2018 - Present

    Jessville International School

    Music Director/Instructor

  • Music Instructor
    Feb 2018 - Present

    Dreamland School

    Music Director/Instructor

  • Music Instructor
    Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

    Chord 5 House of Music and Art

    Music Director/Instructor

  • Music instructor
    Oct 2018 - Present

    Shandy Hall School

    I Directed the Music Department

  • Music Instructor
    Jun 2018 - Present

    Inspiration Hall School

    I Directed the Music Department

  • Associate Music Instructor
    Mar 2018 - Jun 2017

    Russell International School

    I Directed Vocals

  • Manager
    Apr 2017 - Present

    Loudwave Creativity Region

    General advisory services/Managing Director

  • BA Business Administration
    Apr 2016 - Present

    National Open University of Nigeria