Laura I.

French Language Tutor

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Excellent and Proficient French Language

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, being official in 29 countries. 

In my first session, I will carry out an assessment to help me ascertain the level of proficiency of student, from there, I know how to deal with the student.

The essence of the initial assessment carried out on my student is to help me discover areas in the language where my student may have strengths and weaknesses.

After this, my next step is to then create a plan on how sessions will held, I will also develop a goal to be achieved at the end of each week of sessions. For example, if we have salutations/numbers on our lesson plan for the first week, by the end of sessions that week, we should be able to greet fluently in French and count the numbers effectively as well.

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My name is Laura, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and International Relations from the University of Benin. I am reliable, flexible, kind, firm and detail-oriented. I place great emphasis on sound foundations, good organisation and exam technique. I seek to stimulate my student's curiosity in the subject.

My approach has consistently yielded higher academic achievement and better motivated students. I tailor my teaching for each child and have substantial prior experience to draw upon.

I'm an excellent and conscientious teacher and communicator in French Language.

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  • BA History and International Studies

    Sep 2009 - Feb 2014

    University of Benin


  • Administrative Officer

    Jul 2015 - Jul 2017

    Dowen College Lagos

    Updating the schools records , arranging for meetings, going on education fares, Attending to parents, handling student affairs

  • Ceo

    Sep 2017 - Present

    House of Yhiga

    Creative direction of designs, tutoring students on the various aspects of fashion designing, quality contol checks, sourcing for fabrics and Leather.

  • Excellent and Proficient French Language Tutor

    Sep 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    When I first meet a student, I assess the student to help me decipher the student's level of proficiency in the language, that allows me create a personalized lesson plan to suit the learning styles and ability of my student.