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Experienced Mathematics Tutor

I believe that best results are achieved when my students are given the freedom to formulate their own opinions, before having these sensitively challenged.

Asking testing questions is central to my approach in every lesson, and i aim to equip my students with an intellectual confidence that will serve them well in tricky examinations and beyond.

This approach also demands flexibility on behalf of the tutor and, as a result, i always make sure to tailor lessons and schemes of work according to the exact requirements of each of my students.

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Prepclass Tutor Since: July 2016

I name is Liberty, A graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Lagos.

I have a good research skill, strong ICT instinct and have over three years experience tutoring students both in private and classroom settings. I believe in helping my students to build a positive attitude and helping them to gain confidence in their academics.

My specialties include Primary and Junior Secondary Mathematics and Basic Science.

My teaching style is heavily dictated by my student. My first lesson is all about discovering what type of learner they are. We’ll also talk about their interests and goals.

This seemingly innocuous conversation often holds the key to motivating them towards success.

To me, learning is always best done actively. I’ve personally never learned much by being talked at so that's not how i teach. I ask lots of questions and expect a good level of engagement during a session.

I also believe that at the heart of even the trickiest problems is a series of simple solutions.

I aim to make those simple solutions clear and to help my students to think clearly and effective for themselves.

Above all, learning doesn't happen very well if my students isn’t engaged. I am good at helping my students become interested in what they're studying and, even if it takes a little while, it's more than worth it.

  • Tutor
    Feb 2016 - Present

    Personal private tutoring

    Teaching and administration

  • Mathematics and Basic Science Tutor
    Jul 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    I take teaching very seriously, and always try to form a solid, professional and hopefully friendly relationship with both my students and parents. My student's experience is my number one priority, and i very much believe in finding exactly the right way to help an individual understand or to encourage him/her to think about a topic. I tailor my sessions for my individual student, not the topic and stay in regular contact with parents to ensure we all know what our objectives are and how progress is being made.

  • B.Sc Electrical / Electronic Engineering
    Nov 2008 - Present

    University of Lagos