Lukumon A.

Basic Science and Technology Tutor

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Passionate Science Tutor

I am very passionate about science and I know from experience how tricky it can be to understand some of the concepts in science. However, no topic is beyond understanding that is why I explain the fundamentals of these topics in the easiest understandable terms. Once the student is comfortable with a concept, the student can easily explain it to their friends or family. At this point the student feels more comfortable answering questions in an examination setting.


My name is Lukman, I am a graduate and a Master's degree holder of Mathematics from the University of Ilorin.

I have been teaching Primary School students successfully for over twelve (12) years and i have successfully prepared my students not just for internal examinations, but for external examinations too.

I have a personalised approach to my tutoring by developing a rapport with the student in order to gain an insight into their personal goals. This in turn helps me to identify any weakness as well as build on the student's strength.

Building self confidence and fostering the love for each subject is my overall aim. To do this, i endeavour to establish a close working relationship with each tutee based on trust and confidence that will facilitate their examination success as well as address their wider educational needs.

I have discovered that for tutoring to be successful, it must be an enjoyable experience both for the student and the teacher. That is why I always make learning fun for my students.

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  • B.Sc Mathematics

    Dec 2016 - Jun 2010

    University of Ilorin

  • M.Sc Mathematics

    Jun 2013 - Jul 2014

    University of Ilorin


  • Tutor

    Sep 2014 - Mar 2016

    Mind Smith Limited


  • ICT Teacher

    Aug 2016 - Present

    Jolas Private School

    Teaching Computer science and ICT

  • Marketing Manager

    May 2013 - Aug 2013

    Consumer Protection Council


  • Industrial Trainee

    Jun 2009 - Sep 2009

    Sterling Bank Plc


  • Tutor

    Aug 2010 - Mar 2013

    Nesgel Consulting Firms


  • Class Teacher

    Sep 2004 - Dec 2006

    Tade Foundation School

    Teaching primary 4/5

  • Mathematics, English language, Science, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Tutor

    Sep 2014 - Present

    Primary School Tutor Prepclass Ng Ltd

    In preparation for each class, I first set out my goal for the class and how to go about achieving the goal. Then I assess the student's strength and weakness. I make the class interactive. I give guided examples then I give out a class work to evaluate how well the student has understood what I have taught. I make corrections where necessary, and then I summarize what has been taught. I give the students homework so that what has been taught is still fresh in their memory before the next class.