Moses E.

Home tutor in Eti Osa, Lagos

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An excellent Mathematics teacher

Firstly, I put a great emphasis on well-structured tutorials and learning techniques. In order to do that, I will surely split the theory-based lessons from the problem-solving tutorials, so the two parts won’t mix up.

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Levels Taught: Upper Primary, Junior Secondary, Upper Secondary


Prepclass Tutor Since: July 2017

In my tutorials I will break down concepts that you may be struggling to understand and work through these concepts piece by piece. I will work to ensure that you have a very strong base of knowledge and skills of a subject and listening to you to find out what you personally find the most difficult.


I really enjoy finding new approaches and new ways of thinking of a problem to make sure the student not only understands the concept but remembers it and is capable of reformulating it in their own words. I always strive to be patient and listen to the thought-process the student goes through to match their approach with my explanation.