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Experienced Commerce Tutor

When teaching Commerce, it is vital to be able to tailor each set of lessons to the needs my student.

Everybody learns in a variety of ways and, as such, i am always on the look out for new techniques and ideas to help me in my teaching.

That said, i am always committed to helping students develop their confidence as i believe that if someone is to work successfully they need to firmly believe in their capacity to improve. I like to encourage a relaxed but focused working environment with a friendly and engaging style.


My name is Muoneke. I am a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Nigeria.

With four years experience teaching Economics and Commerce, my approach to tutoring focuses on building the confidence of my students, particularly surrounding examination preparation and techniques.

I favor the one on one teaching approach, for me, it provides a more disciplined and focused environment for my students to learn effectively.

Also, as the world becomes ever more economical, it is important, even crucial, that students are familiar with Economics and Commerce.

It is vital that students gain a comprehensive understanding of how to decipher examinations and the way they are marked but is equally important for my student to feel confident, calm and capable when under examination conditions.

As an educator i am hugely enthusiastic about all my subjects and believe it is vital to create a supportive, enjoyable and productive learning environment for

my students.

My initial approach is to develop a solid relationship with my students in order to discover their learning techniques, interests, strengths and weaknesses and provide them with specific support and guidance.

The benefit of private tutoring is it allows me to provide tailor made lessons and strategies to students that can directly address any areas of lower confidence and bolster areas of strength and capability.

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  • B.Sc Banking and Finance

    Oct 2011 - Jul 2015

    University of Nigeria

  • M.Sc Finance

    Jan 2018 - Present

    University of Lagos


  • Subject Teacher

    Dec 2016 - Nov 2017

    Mary Hanney Secondary School Oron

    Taught economics and accounting in senior secondary school. Formulated pedagogical methods to help students understand rudimentary concepts of social sciences and its related fields. Report to the Head of Department on weekly basis for review and appraisal purposes.

  • Economics and Commerce Tutor

    May 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    For me, the greatest reward tutoring can offer is watching my student grow in knowledge but also self-confidence. I believe effective tutoring is about delivering complex concepts in simple terms with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement. Developing strong relationships with students means that parallels can be drawn between what is being studied, and the students' own life experiences, which makes for a deeper level of understanding and, ultimately, better learning. Surely, teaching skills and initiatives that students can then forever more rely upon, such as word association and memorization through recalling related experiences, is the best legacy any tutor can have.