Nnamdi E.

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My name is Nnamdi, I am a graduate of Computer Science from Bayero University Kano. For the past three years i have been teaching Mathematics and ICT to students.

I would describe myself as a very determined, highly motivated and goal oriented individual. I am highly Intuitive, humorous and determined. I do not go into the classroom like I have all knowledge, I like to start gradually, building gradually my students as I go along. I am constantly learning and broadening my ideas. I am a positive and enthusiastic person and I would strive and work hard to impart knowledge into the students I teach.

My approach to tutoring focuses on building the confidence of students, particularly surrounding exam preparation and techniques. I favour the one to one tutoring format as it provides a more disciplined environment for students to learn in. Also, as the world becomes ever more technologically advanced, it is important, even crucial, that students are familiar with ICT formats.

It is vital that students gain a comprehensive understanding of how to decipher exams and the way they are marked but is equally important for the student feel confident, calm and capable when under exam conditions.

As an educator I am hugely enthusiastic about all my subjects and believe it is vital to create a supportive, enjoyable and productive learning environment for students.

My initial approach is to develop a solid relationship with students in order to discover their learning techniques, interests, strengths and weaknesses and provide them with specific support and guidance.

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  • B.Sc Computer Science

    Oct 2009 - Sep 2013

    Bayero University Kano


  • Mathematics and ICT Tutor

    Aug 2017 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    Empathy and understanding is incredibly important in my approach to tutoring. Understanding and assessing the specific needs of an individual is fundamental to a successful tutor relationship. I have experience working with individuals who underperform or who just sometimes need that extra bit of help in their subjects. I work with lesson objectives and summaries to help improve structure of lessons.