Olubukola O.

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Passionate Teacher

Olubukola O. also teaches English Language Tutor


Prepclass Tutor Since: April 2018

My name is Olubukola, I am an enthusiastic individual with a passion for knowledge impartation.

My personal experience as a teacher and a private tutor has exposed me to the fact that the best results are achieved when a child's confidence is built in the subjects and also if there is a good rapport between the student and tutor.

I aspire to make work fun yet thorough whilst fulfilling all the requirements of the academic curriculum. 

  • Class Teacher/ Subject teacher
    Dec 2016 - Present

    Methodist Primary School

    I teach students in the primary classes, each of my lessons are carried out with a teaching plan which is written in accordance to the school's approved curriculum. I teach the various subjects to my students: Mathematics, English Language, Science, Civic Education, Verbal .Quantitative.,Writing . I carried out periodic assessment to evaluate how best they have been able to grasp what was taught to them, I work in collaboration with other teachers and also the parents to ensure the potentials of each child is thoroughly and properly harnessed.

  • Class Teacher
    Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

    St. Paul's Primary School

    I taught students in the primary 3, 4 and 5 classes. For the ones in primary 5, I prepared them for their various common entrance examinations and basically their transitioning into the secondary school system.

  • Private Home Tutor
    Apr 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    Private tutoring allows me to properly focus on a student. When I first come in contact with a student, my first line of action is always to evaluate the student in order to find out the areas where he or she has strengths and weaknesses. For me, this is highly important so I know how to create my plan and where to focus on best .As a tutor ,I assist a child in doing their home work thoroughly revised previous work done at school, prepare a child for the next topic .

  • Education And English Language
    Jan 2016 - Present

    National Teachers' Institute

  • HND Mass Communication
    Sep 2011 - Nov 2013

    Lagos state polytechnic