Solomon O.

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I have 5 years of productive experience working as a private tutor in the areas of Mathematics.

I live in Lagos where I have been able to successfully tutor over 15 students in both internal and external examinations. 

My main concentration to tutoring is centered on Primary School students, and i feel that enough care must be given to them because this is the bed rock of their educational career.

My rare skills of imparting knowledge remains my major strength as my students remain highly motivated and successful even after my reign as their tutor.

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  • B.Sc Agricultural Economics

    Sep 2007 - Jun 2014

    University of Benin


  • Classroom Teacher

    Apr 2017 - Present


    Prepare and implement course materials such as lesson plan, class work, assignments and designated curriculum completely and in due time. Provide opportunities for students to access and use current technology, resources and information to solve problems. Engage students in creative thinking and integrated learning experiences to apply and practice what is learned. Evaluate and grade students class work, tests, essays and reports, other writing assignments and overall academic performance. Maintain a safe, orderly environment conducive to learning; comply with requirements for the safety and supervision of students inside and outside the classroom. Meet with parents or guardians to discuss students’ academic progress, remedial issues and behavior problems when necessary.

  • Classroom Teacher

    Jan 2013 - Mar 2017


    Taught from the curriculum decided by the educational authorities. Organized the classroom and learning resources and created displays that encouraged a positive learning environment. Planned grade-level appropriate lessons which I used in teaching new skills and concepts through lectures and demonstrations while I provided opportunities for students to apply and practice what they have learnt. Assessed and evaluated the pupils’ abilities, strengths and weaknesses to determine whether they needed additional assistance, if they grasped the lesson at hand and to track individual pupil progress. Met with other professionals such as education welfare officers and educational psychologists. Worked with parents to maximize their involvement in the school and the development of resources for the school.

  • Private Tutor

    Sep 2014 - Present


    Work with students to improve their Math, English and Reading skills. Develop and implement comprehensive lesson plans that accommodate specific level of learners. Assist students in acquiring better understanding of targeted weak areas within a subject or a subject as a whole. Develop academic strategies to improve student self-sufficiency. Review materials assigned by the students’ teachers and help students complete homework. Monitor, assess and remediate students' performance. Provide opportunities for students to apply and practice what they have learnt. Communicate with parents about students’ progress.