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My teaching style is a mixture of a) discussions that link physical concepts to day-to-day experiences, b) explicit, visual, step-by-step examples of solving Physics  problems, c) returning to the same physical concepts in different contexts to deepen the understanding of the student.

My guaranties to the student are: 1) I will prepare individualized lessons before the meeting; 2) I will always answer your specific questions first before proceeding to the lesson plan; 3) I will match my teaching style to your learning style while suggesting ways to improve your study habits.

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My name is Ogungbemi, I am a graduate of Mathematics from the University of Lagos. I am a Cambridge certified Mathematics teacher. Apart from that, as a Mathematics and Stastitics major, I teach Further Mathematics and Physics. I teach currently in an international school.

I am a teacher that relates with much enthusiasm, empathy and commitment with my students. I love to break new grounds in the way I approach my teaching. I like to use technology where it applies. I like to achieve with my students.

In my teaching, I am particularly concerned with building up my students' confidence. Particularly for test preparation, becoming confident in one's ability to master the exam is vital for success. I do this by coming up with creative ways to ensure that my students can find a way to enjoy the subject we are working on together.

I am very quick to spot and support a student's individual strengths which helps not only in personalizing my lesson plans, but is why I am particularly helpful in assisting students prepare school and university applications that emphasize their skills, passions and individuality.

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  • B.Sc Mathematics

    Nov 2006 - Nov 2010

    University of Lagos


  • Mathematics, Physics and Further Mathematics Tutor

    Apr 2015 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    One of the best things about tutoring versus teaching is that the nature of one-to-one lessons allows them to be tailored specifically to the individual student. So I think the most important part of tutoring is building a solid relationship with the student, such that I can work out exactly what they need from the lessons, and how best to deliver it to them. My detailed knowledge in my expert subjects, when combined with the relationship I build with the student, allows me to go into details beyond the syllabus if I can tell that the student is wanting more or needs to be pushed. But, I can also recognise when a student is struggling with a particular concept and then approach it from a new angle to help their understanding.